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I know a lot of my readers read my posts in their email and in their feed readers. I am someone who does that also. But today I wanted to do something different. I want to know who my readers are. If you are a blogger I want to visit your blog and check you out.

Come on in and click through from your email or your feed reader and stop by to say hi. Leave me a comment and I will go and visit your blog too.

All too often we get caught up in our own things we have to do. Another blog post, another product review, another something. It is karma in the blogging community to support one another. And we can all testify that we sometimes forget. So again, just click thru and leave a small comment just saying HI. I promise I will return the favor.

To make it easy on me, I will click thru on the link you leave in your comment luv at the bottom of your comment. So leave me a good post, not a giveaway, I don’t enter those too often.

Can’t wait to read what others have been writing about!!

Jessica Benton (1402 Posts)

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog post. It means the world to me. I hope you will join in the conversation and leave a comment below.


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    Hi there! I’ve been reading your blog for about 3 months now. I’m not sure how I stumbled across it, but I added you to my google reader after one read. Keep up the great blogging.

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    I actually found you through Twitter. You were having a conversation on Twitter with someone I follow so I checked out your Twitter feed and found your blog. I’ve been blogging less than a year and mostly do review and giveaway posts but do others as well. I also like to post reviews on some movies and TV shows I watch. Here’s a link to probably one of my best non-review, non-giveaway post about my “quarter life crisis.”

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    Hi Jessica

    I just came over from Twitter to check out your post. I blog about all things lavender. Although this past week I have had my first Guest Poster on my site so the post is a twist on gardening & business. As I also blog about aspects of blogging I knew my readers would enjoy the post. Also an opportunity for them to get to know an experienced marketer if they want to begin a business.

    I see you are multi-talented in all the things I am not lol Techie stuff is a mystery to me. Just as well I have techie friends who can help me out. I love writing so at the moment I am doing some writing for a friend and she has just givin my blog a new more professional but hopefully still inviting look. Collaboration is great :-)

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Jessica Benton says

      Ahhh, lavender. I think I has some of that growing in my back yard, but I believe it is dead along with the rest of my grass. Yes, I have a black thumb. So we are opposites. I can learn to garden (I really want to) and I can advise you on the techie stuff.

  4. Kim Rhodes says

    Hi There! I found out about your blog from The Party Plan Diva! Lynsey has been teaching all of her little Diva’s how to blog, so my blog is new to the blogosphere. . .

    For some reason, ComLuv quit picking up my feeds. Tried all of their fixes, but no hope yet!
    Pinged my site through FeedBurner and it is there . . . so, I dunno!

    Anyway, I love reading your posts. I love techie gadgets and anything geeky or nerdy . . . so keep ’em coming!

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    Hi Jessica!

    I found you via a commentluv link on another blog. Now, let me try to remember which… oh damn, it’s gone clear out of my head. Danielle McGaw I think it was.

    Kind regards,

    • Jessica Benton says

      Thanks for stopping by, I see you are a writer. I dont think of myself as a writer AT ALL!!

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    I found you via Simply Stacie several months ago and love love love your blog. I typically read via my Iphone emails but if there is something I really like, then I star it and atleast try to click through to the post. I have made a few comments here and there. I agree with others you are great to a newbie!

    Here is a non giveaway post I write recently as the start to my posts about my infertility…but there are other non giveawys hiding in the sea of Winter Folllower stuff.

    • Jessica Benton says

      Comments like yours re-inspires me to continue to post about blogging knowledge that is a great resource to a newbie. I checked out your blog and will keep you in my prayers.

  7. Mary Elderton says

    I’m a reader via email, but I’m a teacher, not a blogger. I am a close follower of the news and world events, but I read blogs to hear news and thoughts from real people. As for advertising new products or reminding me of established products, I tend to mute the often abrasive TV commercials and ignore print ads, but I pay fairly careful attention to blog reviews posted by a real person who may let me know something personal about the product or service.

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    Hi Jess! Add me to the list of followers that read your blog through email. It’s so easy to get into the habit of just reading the emails and neglecting to visit the blog itself and comment. I’ve really been trying to get into the habit of clicking on the links of posts (like this one) where if I had been on the site itself I would have left a comment.

    I just got my blog off and running last month and thanks to your super helpful pitch letter outline have already started working with sponsors! Thanks so much!

    • Jessica Benton says

      OH, wow your blog is great. I am so glad I was able to help you. I just left a comment about your tween.

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    Hi Jess, This is Jackie from I met you at Brandcation Kissimmee and subscribed to your blog via feedburner in December. I like reading blogs via feedburner. I don’t like partial feeds although I understand why bloggers do them. Bloggers need clicks, but readers need simplicity.

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    This is true, and I often wonder if full feeds are the reason I don’t get comments, but it doesn’t bother me. I’ve thought about partial feeds to see how that works, but I don’t like them. I always read my reader, daily, and leave comments on all posts I find interesting or can relate to:) I would love some love on my current comment love post because my mom really enjoys all the comments she receives since she is sick right now. Thanks :)

    • Jessica Benton says

      I have contemplated using partial feeds in the past, but just cant bring myself to do it. I figure if they want to read and then click thru to comment they will. Some of the largest blogs I read link Mashable and Wired have full feeds, they dont seem to be hurt by it, so I have not changed mine.

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    You are absolutely right! We get caught up sometimes with all of our own tasks that we fail to spend tine sharing the love! I try to make Fridays and Sundays my time to read blogs and get my social media on!

    Also, I like RSS feeds because if I’m out and about and/or waiting on others, I take a few moments to read some posts there…making the best use of my time!

    Also, I’d love for you to take my poll – (linked to below) – as I’m sure you use a number of plugins on the blogs you own/manage :-)

    It will be interesting to see how many plugins people use on average…

    Talk to ya lata chica!


    • Jessica Benton says

      Gotcha, I think I am a bit on the high side with plugins. LOL

      And thanks for stopping by Kesha, I really appreciate it.

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    Hi Jessica,
    I thought I’d take you up on your invitation. I’ve really only recently started reading your blog. I found it through that Top 90 Bloggers (Rookies) list that was put out a few weeks ago because we were both on it. I”m really enjoying your blog. Especially loved your 10 Ways to Make Your Blog Rock post. :)

    • Jessica Benton says

      Thanks for stopping by, I did not even know about that list. And I get google alerts!! I hope you find nothing but good stuff here on That Tech Chick, I am on my way to check your blog out!

      • says

        Did you find the list I was talking about? I can find a link for you if you want. I only found it because I googled myself one day. I get Google alerts on my name, too, but for some reason that post didn’t turn up in it.