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There are many programs that can help you feel safe and protect your laptop or gadgets when stolen. The feeling of emptiness and violation when your laptop with all your data is stolen is horrible. Believe me, I recently had my home burglarized and my laptop was stolen.

I did not protect my computer with any of the following software even though I had access. I was lucky enough to have a remote access program called Team Viewer installed. But you must have skill to be able to dig in the settings to find the information needed to know where your device is.

These programs are created and designed to locate your laptop if it is stolen just by logging into your account and having your device found. The location information is emailed to the account holder so you can turn it over to the proper authorities.

GadgetTrak– I learned about this device security program at CES. GadgetTrak is available to download on several devices including a Windows PC, Mac OS, Android, Blackberry, and Apple mobile devices and iPod. Finding the missing or stolen device is simple. Log into your GadgetTrak account from any computer and activate tracking. The program is also able to remotely activate the camera or webcam on your device to not only report back the location of the device with a map, but also a picture of the user. The program uses WiFi positioning to locate the device. Tracking information is only available if the device is connected to a network. Filing a police report with over 150 police departments is also integrated right into your account dashboard.

LoJack- I hear about LoJack more than any other program, however it is only available for Windows PC and Mac OS. By logging into the account you can lock your lost or stolen computer, delete the contents on your hard drive, or map your computers past or current location. LoJack has a Theft Recovery Team that works with local law enforcement to recover your laptop. If you purchase the premium version, you get a guarantee that the laptop will be recovered or you will receive a payment up to $1000.


Project Prey– The day my laptop was stolen, I tweeted about how I found my laptop with remote access software. @SHansleman tweeted me a link to Project Prey. This security program is available for Windows PC, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Linus and Android devices. Similar to the other programs, logging into the account will allow you to track your device with geolocation. Project Prey will remotely search for a WiFi connection to track your device. The program also remotely accesses the web cam to get a picture of the user, sends screenshots of the current session, hides Outlook, removes stored passwords, and fully locks down the computer.

Locate My Laptop– I found this program that is also freeware. Again, logging into your online account allows you to receive tracking information and perform a remote data wipe so the thief or user does not have access to important information.

Some of the links are affiliate links, some of the programs are freeware. Find the best laptop security program that will work for you. Each program has something a little different to offer.

Laptops are stolen each and everyday. With a security program that tracks your laptop installed you can increase your chances of getting your computer back in your hands.

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    Thanks for the information on the anti-theft programs for the laptop. I have never had mine stolen and shutter at the though of that happening. I will have to get a hold of one of the programs you mentioned – hopefully before I really need it!

  2. says

    Thank you so much for sharing these with us Jessica. I hate to admit that this is something I never thought of. I have so many gadgets how could I not?

  3. says

    Thanks for this! My livelihood is pretty dependent on my laptop, so I’m always paranoid about something happening to it. Now all I need to is to figure out some protection from potential spills.

  4. says

    Great post! Thank you for this. My life is on my laptop and if I lost it I wouldn’t know what I would do with myself! This will help!

  5. says

    I am so happy that you were able to get your stuff back! I know how scary and frustrating it can be (happened to my parents a long time ago). It is amazing how far we have come with technology.

    When I first started reading your story I automatically thought, ” Project Prey would have helped!” However, you introduced me to some new software that I did not know about. Thanks so much for sharing your story and again I am so happy you got your stuff back. I can’t believe the audacity of that kid. Ugh!

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    My most precious tech product is my iPhone and I recently installed ‘Find iPhone’ – that’s given me some reassurance that i’ll be able to find it if it goes walkies :) Worth installing

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    Hi Jessica,

    I am using the anti theft option from MacKeeper but I am not sure of it’s effectiveness and European cover. I look at all products you mention here and although I can pay in my local currency none of them seem to be integrated with local law enforcement.

    Do you know of any services that do work in Europe or the UK?

    • Jessica Benton says

      Oh, wow, I am not sure. Tweet GadgetTrak and ask them. They usually respond to tweets. I know they have worked with different countries. you can read about the stories in their blog on their site.

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    So this post grabs my attention…. I start reading it…. Then your little slide deal at the bottom grabs my attention… so I was like… .Whooooaa a new Gadget! Had to have it!

    Anyways back to your post. I never thought of using Remote Desktop or Logmein if my laptop was stolen. That free app is an awesome deal. Hopefully I’ll never have to use it

    • Jessica Benton says

      I know it such a cool little gadget. I saw it on another blog and had the same reaction you had…

      If you have tech skills the remote access programs will work as long as you can find all the information like the IP addy that you are looking for. But for those without tech skills, the other programs will work great and do the same thing out more tech savvy users can do.

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    Hi Jessica
    Nice blog you have here. It is my first visit. It is for sure some nice programs but as I read it, the software will only work if the computer gets online. If a thief reinstalls your computer it won’t be of much help. I know that you can actually get some kind of GPS tracking for laptops, but it is a bit expensive I think. Freeware software might be a good alternative.
    Have a great day Jessica.