Top 5 Things To Do Aboard Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas #seastheday

I am back from my Royal Caribbean cruise on the Liberty of the Seas out of Ft Lauderdale Florida. Forty bloggers all together participated in a “Brandcation” hosted by Momdot and boarded the ship to Cozumel to take part in a social media event.

I had never taken a cruise before even though I am less than an hour from a major cruise port in Galveston Texas. I had no clue what to expect. I never realized how many activities were available to take part in during your time at sea. So that is where I want to stop and give you a bit of information. I asked the other bloggers to give me their top three activities while on board the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas and this is what they had to say.

#5: Saturday Night Fever: The Musical

saturday night fever

That’s right, while on-board the Liberty of the seas, you can watch the Saturday Night Fever: the Musical just as if you would watch it on Broadway. You will be inspired to get out of your seat and sing along to hit songs from the Bee Gees throughout the acclaimed West End Show that is based on the 1970’s film feature.

I’m a sucker for Broadway type shows, and it (Saturday Night Fever) didn’t disappoint.  Summer Davis

#4: The Catacombs


Leave all  your inhibitions at the dock when you set sail and spend your late nights partying until the morning at The Catacombs. The DJ will take music requests and you can dance the night away. The Catacombs night club resembles a high end big city club but accommodates vacationers of all ages over 21. There are 2 levels, 2 bars, and a reasonable sized dance floor. Most nights while we were on the ship, you could find most of the bloggers, like Nicole and Joy in the picture above, hanging out and partying the night away on the dance floor of The Catacombs.

The Catacombs (fun to let loose) Jaime Heil

#3: FlowRider® Surf Simulator

I am no surfer and have never caught a wave. But on the Royal Caribbean cruise, you can catch waves on the deck. If you dont have the courage to try your hand as surfboarding, you can sit back and watch the action AND the amazing wipeouts.



#2: Cupcake Decorating Classes at The Cupcake Cupboard

Are you a wannabe chef, or a novice in the kitchen? If you sign up and take the cupcake decorating class a the Cupcake Cupboard, you will get a chance to hone your skills or learn new ones. Everyone in the class, lead by the pastry chef of the ship, creates their own unique cupcake.


The cupcake decorating was one of my favorite activities because, prior to going on this trip, I couldn’t frost anything to save my life and now I feel like I have some basic skills that I can build upon to make cute cupcakes” Leah Kanaan

#1: Quest Game Show

Not familiar with the Quest Game show? Well, to sum it up, the Quest is an adult scavenger hunt, and anything (I stress ANYTHING) goes. Every blogger that participated in this activity will remember it forever. In face most of the bloggers chose it as their top 3 activities on the Liberty of the Seas cruise. Check out Annie from with her face covered in lipstick.

the quest


The Quest game show because it gave everyone a chance to laugh and work together. Kat Balog

This list is not all of the activities that are available on the Liberty of the Seas ship. You can enjoy rock climbing, ice skating, wine tasting,an amazing gym overlooking the ocean, the relaxing and reasonably priced spa, or even just sitting out one of the pools. I walked away from the cruise wowed at how many different activities there was to take part in. You can’t go wrong with any of them but I hope this list helps you plan your time while aboard the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas cruise.





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  1. Jamie H says

    You definitely hit the major highlights but don’t forget just lounging in the pool areas. That was much needed relaxation!