Top 5 Beauty iPhone Apps

The iPhone loving girly girl makes me a prime candidate for iPhone beauty apps. Since I love my iPhone and beauty I searched high and low for 5 beauty apps that I can take on the go. I personally think all these iPhone apps are great.

PicTreat iPhone App

PicTreat is actually a picture app, but it is packed with beauty. You are able to edit your pictures, but not the way average picture apps do. You can airbrush your pictures and erase wrinkles, freckles, and blemishes. You are also able to remove red eye. Of course the picture needs to be taken with a camera other than the one on the iPhone 3gs and lower. That is because, as we all know, there is not a flash included in these phones. But you can edit photos in your existing albums. The app is free and allows you to process up to 5 pictures every 48 hours. If you like the app there is an unlimited version offered from within the app for a small fee. I actually have not had a chance to download the free version yet so I don’t know how much the paid one is yet.

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OPI iPhone App

OPI is one of my favorite nail polishes. I am excited that I have found a this app. You can find all the OPI colors and you can see the actual color. You can even view a picture of the color on nails so you know what you are purchasing. You can browse collections, colors, seasons and even save favorites. This is, by far, one of my new favorite iPhone apps. This OPI app is free from the Apple App store.

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Lancome Make-Up app

Another excellent app is Lancome Make-Up app. It is a virtual make-up module with rendering. You can create total looks using Lancome products. You can save the looks and even upload them to your Facebook account. The app comes packed with expert beauty advice from international make-up artists. Other features include video tutorials, news and product descriptions. Lancome is another free app from the Apple App store.

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Haircaster by The Money Shot iPhone App

Haircaster by The Money Shot is a nifty little app that gives you a forecast of how the days weather will affect your hair based off your GPS location. This app will tell you to stay at home if the humidity is too high. Only if we all could stay in the house all day. Although the Haircaster app tells you to stay at home, you still get advice on how to manage your hair with your forecast. Tips to tame your frizzies and more are displayed by the app. The Haircaster app is available for less than a bottle of shampoo, .99 cents from the Apple App store.

[itunes link=”″ title=”Haircaster iPhone App”]

Lucky At Your Service by Lucky Magazine

My last app is Lucky At Your Service by Lucky Magazine. With this app you can shop for great products from your iPhone app. When you find what you like, the app will give you store locations where the items are available. You even have the option to put the items on hold for same day pick up so they don’t sell out before you get to the store to pick it up. You can browse through all the editors favorite clothing, shoes, handbags, and much more. The Lucky At Your Service app is free to download from the Apple App store.

[itunes link=”″ title=”Lucky At Your Service iPhone App”]

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