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todo together iphone appThe ToDo Together iPhone app is a total family and task scheduling app that keeps everyone on track and has real time sync. I have seen several scheduling apps in the Apple app store, but this one is just a bit different. It has some of the same basic features of some of the other apps including, scheduling tasks and reminders. Some of the unique features of the ToDo Together iPhone app  are the local deals, the map where you can locate local retailers and businesses and keep track of the amount you spend at each place, and the wish list so your spouse can complete the items on your wish list in order to score points with you. Honestly, that is my favorite feature of the app. When I don’t need to tell my DH something life is always easier.

You can share your account with who ever you choose that is in your address book. If they do not have an iPhone to access the app on they can login to the website. One great advantage about this app is the fact that you can keep grocery lists. If your spouse or family member needs to add an item to that list after you have already left for the store they can do so from either their iPhone or through the website. The new items added to the list is updated in real time and synced to your phone so you have the updated list at the store. No need for your family to call and disrupt your shopping trip anymore.

The app is still in it’s early stages. My recommendation is to add the ability to sync to the iPhone or Google calendars. When I asked the developer he said the feature will be included in a later update for the app.

When you download the app you then need to sign up for an account. Then you can add your errands, chores, reminders, and other information. You can touch the shopping cart and add your grocery list. Then you can invite others. Like I mentioned before you can invite anyone in your address book. They will be able to share your information by downloading the app on their iPhone or by accessing the web based website.

Currently the app is only available for the iPhone and ToDo Together is free in the Apple App store.

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