Tips To Prepare For CES 2012

I learned some valuable lessons about the Consumer Electronic Show while I attended this year. I would love to pass some of the knowledge on to next years newbies. Bring back up charging devices, pack lightly, and buy some DR Scholls. Watch my video to learn more.

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    • Jessica Benton says

      I am so sorry, I accidentally deleted my youtube channel, still trying to get it all back

  1. says

    Great tips. Totally agree about AT&T service crapping out. Was such a bummer.
    My ZAGGsparq 2.0 was savior while there for keeping my phone charged!

    Hope I get to go again next year!

    Great meeting you there!

  2. says

    I actually wanted to get tickets for my boyfriend and I to go next year (2012). I’ve been searching for information on ticket prices, where and when they can actually be purchased, but I haven’t found much. Can you help me out? I’d greatly appreciate it.

    P.S. GREAT video! Gives me a good idea of what to expect!

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    For the press parties, watch the #CES Twitter stream so that you can get the invites. You are correct not to take laptops and computers since there is no need. A camera and and a small video camera are the best things to take. Also don’t come without lots business cards since brands and vendors always ask for business cards. All the vendors that I have contacted have contacted me back about doing a product review on my blog.

    The press parties are the best way to see the products up close. The Pepcom party was the best one with 150 vendors and great food and drink. I was able to really try out the products and get some great camera shots of the products.

    • Jessica Benton says

      Well, I actually received more invites than I could actually attend without watching the twitter stream. I did not know you were attending, we could have met up and hung out again.

      • says

        I thought I might run into you at one of the parties, but our paths did not cross. This was my first CES and I was so busy and it was so overwhelming. But I really enjoyed it, made some great contacts, and would love to go again next year…

    • Jessica Benton says

      oh, no. It was actually a concern I had weeks prior to the conference. I thought I had already talked it out. But I know next time to insure the conversation is more indepth. CES was on my radar for over a hear, I was so giddy about it. I had a wonderful time at CES and you were great company and exactly what I expected. I wish we would have made it to the Kloutup and the other blogger party. Next time I will be more prepared! I was prepared for you doing your own thing. I know I partied it up in Detroit and had a blast.

      …and I am not posting those videos from #fordgreen on my blog LMAO!!