That Tech Chick Demographics Survey

All sites should know about their readers. This can easily be done with a demographics survey. Sometimes without a survey you can pull demographics from other sources. Alexa gives you a overview of the visitors on your blog. If you have a Facebook Fan page for your site you can also find some of the demographics there. For me, I set up a survey on Google Documents. It was pretty easy to set up.

I set up the survey to be able to easily identify my audience. By knowing who my readers are, I can produce better articles for my readers. Articles that they would be more interested in.

I made a QR code for my demographics survey.

I know, I’m fancy huh? LOL. But if you are old school you can just go to this link and fill it out for me:

I appreciate everyone who fills out this survey. And believe me, I would never share any of your information.

Incoming search terms:

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