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As I explored couponing, I soon realized that our local newspaper, The Beaumont Enterprise, was lacking a lot of coupons. The Sunday that I noticed this I made my DH go back down to the gas station to buy the Houston Chronicle. I opened up the newspaper and I was like a kid in the candy store. All the coupons that everyone had been talking about on the internet were there. After that I have not purchased the Beaumont Enterprise for couponing purposes again. The Port Arthur News and the Orange Leader also lack the majority of the coupons included in the Sunday inserts. I am not sure who decided that the local papers readers in the Golden Triangle area were not worthy of saving. I am glad my local gas station gets their Houston Chronicle’s at about 6am and I go down and purchase 6 newspapers each Sunday. Be careful to check your newspaper before purchasing it. I have a friend who purchased 2 Houston papers. When she got home to look through them, there were NO ad’s of any kind. So, if you really want to start couponing seriously, purchase the Houston Chronicle.

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