Running iPhone Programs In Background Kills Your Battery

A few months ago Apple had an update to IOS and enabled running programs in the background therefore never closing the program. This feature was greatly needed and appreciated by iPhone users.  You could then still listen to music while doing other tasks on your iPhone. You could also still be logged into Skype and not lose the call you were on when you received a text message or something similiar.

background apps iphoneWell what Apple failed to tell us is that these programs do not stop running until you actually manually close them . To manually close a program you have to double click the button, touch an icon for 10 seconds until it starts shaking, then touch the “-” on the left corner. There is no mass, kill programs button.

The downfall of having all of these programs always running its that you will eventually see your battery life be less and less. I felt as if I was always charging my phone, every few hours. Not only that, if you update one of the apps, the update will not take effect until the program is all the way closed. That means you will need to manually close the app.

I realized all these programs running when I complained about my Foursquare app not working correctly until I deleted it and reinstalled it to Kris Cain, a fellow blogger at Little Tech Girl. She then showed me all the programs that I had running.

This does not only effect the iPhone, but also the iPad and iPod touch. I would highly suggest to Apply to implement a way to kill all apps to conserve battery life and allow apps to update.

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    You know what? The irony of this situation is that multi-tasking was something that all Android oriented mobile pandits were blaming iPhone for lacking over the last couple years and finally Apple had tried to find the gold middle and developed smart multi-tasking for the iOS :-)

    From my own experience with my iPad 3G 64GB I can’t report about observing my iPad holds charge less while some apps are running in the background. Technically they all are in a state, which is similar to the one, in which you put your MacBook applications as you let it go asleep. And I gotta tell you that I do have a dozen apps running in background after my 5 years old Liza played some games :-)

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hadn’t heard this, but I’m sure that’s why my phone dies so much quicker than my husband’s. We knew there was a problem, just didn’t know why. Lightbulb!

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    Ugh I hate to think how many things I have running in the background. I don’t see a “-” sign when I hold an app for 10 seconds – only the “x” sign. So does that mean I am not running it in the background? I have a 3G iphone, and haven’t upgraded to the 4.