Featured Friday- Quiskaeya


It is funny that I meet most other bloggers on Twitter. When I meet, I am not just talking about following them. I mean we actually tweet each other and visit each others blogs. Sometimes I even get close enough to talk to them on the phone.

Quiskaeya is a blogger I met on Twitter, we haven’t gotten close enough to talk on the phone as of yet, but I love her blog. She is so friendly and her blog has topics I can truly relate to. By relate, I mean topics that are relevant to the African American community. She raises questions and sometimes doubt. She writes it all very tastefully.

Quiskaeya also likes to live green. You can find several topic on her blog surrounding green living. Go visit a Quiskaeya and leave her a couple comments. I am sure she will thank you.

Jessica Benton (1375 Posts)

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