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PBS has been known for their educational programing for kids. I remember watching their shows when I was a kid and had my children watching also. With the advancements in technology PBS has taken their characters from the television to the iOS and now offer several great educational apps for kids of many ages. The newest app “Spanish” helps kids learn and understand a new language.

pbs spanish app Kids can now learn spanish with the PBS KIDS spanish app. LITTLE PIM SPANISH is based on LITTLE PIM, an award-winning foreign-language teaching DVD series. The app helps young children develop basic Spanish vocabulary through three interactive games: “Eating and Drinking,” “Playtime” and “Wake up Smiling.”  With three levels of play in each game, the app introduces a total of 60 vocabulary words, including nouns, verbs and short phrases.  At each level, the game presents vocabulary words and phrases both visually and aurally, then provides activities that help players acquire the vocabulary, and lastly validates and reinforces newly acquired knowledge.iTunes


Let your kid watch videos from their favorite PBS KIDS television shows anytime, anywhere with the PBS Kids Video for iPad. The app is child save and provides child friendly viewing for kids of all ages. New videos are introduced to your child each week called the “Weekly Pick” which is a set of educational videos in reading science and math. The app is FREE in the iTunes app store.iTunes 


The Corporal Cup’s Food Camp is another app from PBS Kidsn for $1.99. This one teaches kids to recognize food, counting, and scored for their accuracy on each challenge. All of the recipes played in the game are accessible in the about section.iTunes


The Electric Company Wordball! By PBS KIDS is a fun word game just for kids. There are 9 arcade style levels that you can rack up points for each and every work and even challenge friends to match your high score. This app is FREE and can be ran on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.iTunes


The SUPER WHY Paint! app By PBS KIDS is for those little artists. For kids ages 3-6, the app is based on images from the preschool series Super Why that airs on weekdays on PBS KIDS. The app is $2.99 and helps kids recognize colors while creating their painting that can be shared with family and friends on Facebook, sending it as MMS or set it as wallpaper.iTunes

SUPER WHY! By PBS KIDS is another app based on the Super Why series on PBS Kids. This app is $2.99 and gives your child the power to read with the collection of interactive literacy games. The four main characters from the TV series help practice the alphabet, rhyming, spelling, writing, and reading.iTunes


Put your kid into a photo with their favorite PBS character with the PBS KIDS Photo Factory app for FREE. Edit the photos and let your child choose their character and decorations from the series. Also find show times for each TV series within the app.iTunes


Get your child used to recording their experiences and feelings in a journal with the Mister Rogers Make a Journal for Preschoolers by PBS Kids for only $1.99.iTunes


Wanting to increase your child’s vocabulary? Download the Martha Speaks Dog Party app by PBS Kids for $2.99. There are several games within this app each introducing different words. Then your child can dress up different dogs and also take pop quizzes on that they have learned.iTunes


Dinosaur Train Eggspress is $2.99 and lets your kids learn all about dinosaurs while they play various games throughout the app. The app is bases on the PBS Kids television series.iTunes


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    It is great to see people developing apps for children. The ipad / iphone / itouch are amazing pieces of technologies that have implications for education everywhere!

    More and more people / business / governments should embrace this technology and bring our school systems into the modern day era.