FREE: True Blue Spa Item

Here is a new Bath & Body Works coupon. Click HERE for a coupon for a free True Blue Spa item with and additional $15 purchase. This coupon does not expire until 08/01/09.....on to search for more southeast Texas deals.Jess … [Read more...]

Build A Bear Coupon

Look what I stumbled across. A coupon for the Build A Bear workshop. In Beaumont there is one in Walmart and one in the Parkdale Mall. Click HERE to print a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase. The coupon does not expire until 8/31/09.....on to search for more southeast Texas deals.Jess … [Read more...]

Little Debbie's for Interns

I am surely not an intern but someone out there is. This one is for you. Little Debbie is giving away hundreds of boxes of muffins to the hard-working interns of America. Click HERE to sign up.....on to search for more southeast Texas deals.Jess … [Read more...]

Kraft First Taste

Sign up with Kraft for recipes, coupons, and various programs in the Kraft community! Click the logo below to sign up.K9CC05_AcquisitionBanner_300x250_FirstTaste ....on to search for more southeast Texas deals. Jess … [Read more...]

FREE: Amp Energy Drink @ Kroger

Here is a great deal going on at Kroger. This week Amp is a product listed for the buy 10 get $5 off instantly promotion. The following price is good assuming you are purchasing 10 cans.(10) Amp Energy Drinks .99oop= $9.90Get back $10 Kroger gift cardoop= +.10 MM after promotion and gift card.The gift card is being given until 7/28. I bought a bunch of the low carb ones because my hubby is on a low/no carb diet.....on to search for more southeast Texas deals.Jess … [Read more...]

Recycle Electronics for Gift Cards

I found a great website that you can send in your old electronics for a Sam's Club gift card. The Trade in and Recycle Program accepts MP3 players, cell phones, LCD monitors, desktops, laptops, game consoles, digital cameras, and video cameras. Just enter a few details and they send you a pre-paid package for shipping. When they receive the item they will send you a gift card. How cool is that? … [Read more...]

Parade Magazine Coupons

Don't throw out that Parade Magazine in this Sunday's paper. There is one coupon in there for some of you. I say some of you because as most of you know, I buy 6 Houston Chronicle papers and my hubby buys the local paper The Beaumont Enterprise. (Our local paper don't have all the coupons.) Well, in 4 of the Houston Chronicle papers and the Beaumont Enterprise there was a coupon for $.25 off Charmin. Noone could have taken the coupon the page was just something … [Read more...]

Pringles National Consumer Advisory Panel

Sign up HERE to become a Pringles National Consumer Advisory Panel. As a panel member, you’ll be among the first to sample new products and share your opinions. Email communications might come as often as twice a week and include surveys, new product information, and free sample details.....on to search for more southeast Texas deals.Jess … [Read more...]