Must Have Gadgets For #BlogHer11

I am gearing up and packing for #BlogHer11. There are several gadgets and electronics that are must haves at conferences. I have attended a few and know my gadget bag will be full. I always want to pack light, but make sure I have everything I need at a conference. This is my checklist. Some is pretty basic, others you may not have thought of.

iPad or Tablet

The best way to live blog is from an iPad or Tablet with the WordPress app. I won my iPad from Sister Wines at Blogalicious in Miami and could not live without it. I can tweet, blog, take notes, and access so many more apps. When I don’t have room for my laptop, I always have my iPad in my purse. Let’s face it, you can’t really walk around an expo hall with a laptop now can you? Not only that, they get heavy after carrying them around for a while. Any tablet would actually do, just as long as it is portable and easy to navigate.

Digital Camera

This should be a no brainer. You need to have your camera handy for all those photos with other bloggers you will finally meet IRL. There will be so many camera opps you don’t want to miss out. I love my Canon PowerShot SX120IS I bought about a year ago. It takes great pictures and is not as big and bulky as a DSLR camera. Although I want a more professional camera, I don’t like the thought of totting it around everywhere; especially when I have other gadgets to carry around also.

Video Camera

A small compact video camera is a must have gadget to pack. Make sure you have saved all of your videos to your computer and don’t come with full memory. You will need every bit of that memory. I bring my Flip. It is small enough, takes great video, and plugs right into my laptop when I get back to the room.

luggage scaleLuggage Scale

You may not have thought about this one. I reviewed a Balanzza Mini Digital Luggage Scale a few months back and pack it on every trip where I may be coming back with more than I went with. I can weigh my bags right in my hotel to avoid paying expensive luggage fees on my flight back home.


This is another no brainer. By the end of this 2011 40% of Americans will be smartphone users. (Neilson Wire) In the digital space bloggers are in, I am sure that number is greater. Don’t forget to bring your smartphone. Smartphones are the best way to share information on the go. You can use Twitter, Facebook, send text messages, take video an pictures. There is no reason you should not have a smartphone in your hand at all times during the BlogHer conference.

igo chargerBackup Charger or Battery

Smartphones take a lot of battery power. Often times when using the mobile phone we see that little battery icon dwindle down into the red zone. Bringing a backup charger like an iGo Charge Anywhere Portable Charger is the best solution. You can charge on the go and not have to worry about a dead phone.

Travel Power Surge

Everyone needs power. If you are attending the sessions at BlogHer, make sure you pack a travel power surge protector. This way you can charge your electronics while you are listening to the speakers. And best of all you won’t be hogging the outlet.

I hope these tips help make your time at BlogHer fabulous. Gadgets and technology is fun to have, but they can be a pain when you don’t have the right gadgets or when they are dead. If you want to meet me at BlogHer leave me a comment and your Twitter.

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