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I don’t really think I was this much of a taxi driver last year. I feel like I literally drive for 2 hours a day. The worst thing is that I only drive in a 5 mile radius. Back and forth, back and forth for 2 hours. Let me give you a run-down of my non-paying taxi driving job.

First, I gotta tell you I took on a part time job so I am not a SAHM anymore. I started working the week before school started. So I get off work at 3. That is when our traffic in my small city starts to pick up and it takes me more than 10 minutes to make it the 3 miles home. Then on a normal day, I stop by the high school to pick Lakendra up who is now 16. I bring her home and she gets dressed and back out the door we go to take her to her part time job at Krogers. The store is 3 miles away so it takes me around 15 minutes to get there.

I am leaving out a huge part of the story. Between me and almost all of my destinations is a cluster f$%# of schools. See, we had an elementary and middle school that I had to pass. (Don’t let me lose you here) Our school district is building new schools. So about 4 blocks away from the normal middle school and elementary, there is now a temporary elementary. On top of that, or local elementary was rebuilt. They moved in to the new building this year that is next door to the old building. Another elementary moved into the old building. In plain terms, we have 3 elementary with about 500-700 students each and a middle school with about 900 students with in a 5 block radius. That calls for some horrible traffic.

Back to my story of my job as mom the taxi driver. After I bring Lakendra to work, I need to navigate through the traffic to pick Leandra up from the middle school. I try to approach the school from the back side, however even from the backside and an hour after school let out; I still have to wait in school traffic.

After picking Leandra up I need to get home as fast as the traffic lets me to get there when Tevin gets off the school bus. He is only 11 and I feel he is still too young to be home alone more than a few minutes.

I do get to take a short pit stop before going back to the high school to pick Kevin up after football practice. Then back home to wait until Lakendra gets off work.

Good lord, I am tried by just writing all that. I wish I could minimize all the driving, but I have not been able to figure a way out.

So tell me, how is back to school for you going this year?

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  1. says

    I hope you can figure out a way to cut it down, I spend as much time in the car as well but that is only because my kids school is a 25 mile round trip.

  2. renee says

    My daughter goes to pre-k, Tae Kwon Do, and Kindermusik, which causes quite a bit of driving for me, and then on top of that, we go to my niece’s football games (she’s in color-guard) on Friday nights. Last week’s game was an hour and a half away, but thankfully that doesn’t happen every week. Usually I just have to drive about thirty minutes. I do a lot of “taxi-ing” but I still think you’ve got me beat! Maybe your 16 year old is saving up for a car to ease your burden???

  3. says

    My mother worked full-time from before I was born until I went to college. At that point she took a few years off of work for health reasons and to be with my four younger siblings, who at the time ranged from elementary school to junior in high school. Something I remember her saying a good bit from that time was, “I’m not a stay-at-home mom; I’m a stay-in-car mom!”

  4. says

    My girls are younger, and there’s only 2, so I don’t have the same issues. What I do dislike is the 6pm meetings at school, when I get home at 5pm. When are we supposed to eat?