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So today I am going to help you get to know me, the mom behind the blog.

My name is Jessica and I was born in Nederland Texas in 1977. Yeah, that makes me 32. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters. We are not a close family. I grew up moving around the area a lot attending several different high schools. I was involved in all sports at a young age. I played softball, basket ball and ran track. During high school, I turned to cross country to fulfill my love of running. At 15 I became pregnant with my first child, Lakendra, giving birth to her when I was 16. I was on my own at that age with her dad. I soon found that school was too hard to handle while raising a child and working to take care of her so I dropped out of school. I earned my GED a few years later. I had 2 more children before moving to Missouri when I was 21.

After moving to Missouri I gave birth to my last child, Tevin, when I was 22 and left their dad and moved to Quincy Illinois. In Quincy I met my now husband. In an effort to find me and where I belonged in this world I moved to Springfield Illinois for about a year, then moved back to Quincy Illinois. I always felt my education was inadequate so I enrolled in college. I earned a degree in CIS- Web graphic design in 2005. While in Illinois I was introduced to call centers and worked in several as a manager of campaigns and clients. I decided I needed to move my children back home to southeast Texas.

I moved back to Texas in 2005. My kids adjusted well. Tommie and I married in 2006 and purchased our first home in 2007. Recently I lost my job and became a stay at home mom. I love blogging and the friendships and opportunities that have opened its doors to me.

Ok, after writing that I seem a bit boring. IMO

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Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog post. It means the world to me. I hope you will join in the conversation and leave a comment below.


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    That doesn’t sound boring, it’s very interesting. Although I think most of it I already knew from one of the days we talked on the phone. So wonderful for you to share a bit about who you are! Loved reading it!

    Have a wonderful week Jess!
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    Hi !
    Thanks for this inspiring write up. It isn’t boring, at all. I wish you many happy years ahead.
    I am following from FollowMeClub – Mommy Bloggers.

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      You are the one person that has known me longer than anyone I know. It warms my heart to know YOU dont think I am boring. (for those who dont know, Hazel is my little sister)

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      It is kinda weird. I have people of my past and people of my present. The 2 worlds never really collide, but on my blog I have now let others know of my past and present all together. It is something that is hard for me.