Major Update To The Allrecipes iOS App

If you updated your Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app today, you should have noticed that you can now scan barcodes to add items to your grocery shopping list, search recipes, or store the barcode to keep a virtual pantry.


Allrecipes iPhone appall recipes iphone app

I have been a longtime user of the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app on my iPhone and a user of the actual Allrecipes website. A few years ago when they added the feature of creating a shopping list to their website, I loved it. Now that the same feature is available on the app along with the ability to scan more shopping items into the list, I love it even more.

One great way to use the grocery item scanner ability to your advantage, is to scan an item that is on sale at the grocery store this week. Then search for recipes that have that item as an ingredient in them. This way you can save money at the grocery store AND have a great meal with the items that you purchase on sale.

Jessica Benton (1402 Posts)

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