LapDawg X4 Review

lapdawg x4For those dads out there that love their laptops the LapDawg is a prime Father’s Day idea.

Whether dad is a World of Warcraft player or just an everyday computer user he will love the flexibility of the LapDawg. This product is a table that adjusts into many different positions easily for many uses. You can use the LapDawg as a TV tray, breakfast tray, lap desk, bed tray, or even a book holder.

The LapDawg X4 has 360° rotating legs with push button auto locking joints to help you use your laptop in bed lying down or sitting up. It is made from high quality anodized aluminum and comes in midnight black matte finish. And when it is not in use it can be easily folded up and slid under the bed.

LapDawg sent me a Laptop X4 for review and I used it all over the house. Of course I am addicted to my computer so that was my primary use. I used it while sitting on the sofa and while I was in bed to hold my laptop. The legs move easily, but don’t make my mistake and try to adjust while your computer is on it. You can only move one leg at a time to get it to the position you need it to be in. The LapDawg X4 comes with a cheat sheet to show you how to quickly get the position you are looking for.

I think the LapDawg X4 is a great gift for any father that they would actually use since it is so versatile and does not only have to be used to hold a laptop.

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    Hi Jessica,

    This review is very helpful for me. LapDawg X4 seems wonderful. I think I could use it while I’m in bed. Thanks for writing the review, Jessica. Two thumbs up!