Kodak Booth Tour- CES 2011

While attending CES 2011 in Las Vegas I met with Kodak and had a booth tour. Kodak has integrated social media sharing in their EasyShare options on all their cameras and video cameras. New cameras this year for Kodak to be looking for include EasyShare Touch, EasyShare Sport and EasyShare Mini. New video cameras include the Playsport video camera and Kodak playful video camera. The video cameras combine EasyShare, shock resistant, and water resistant technologies.

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    I just purchased the new Kodak Z3 Play Sport and it’s waterproof! I love it! It shares to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter! HD 1080P HD video, it takes stills, Electronic image stabilization and I got it in purple! Now we’ll be using that to film Twit Vids instead of my purple Blackberry at events! Yay us! I was debating between the Flip, The Kodak z18 pocket camcorder and the Sony bloggie but after seeing the z3 and it came in different colors… You know that was a huge factor. Lol! I couldn’t resist! Being waterproof was a big deal for me too! 😉