Kaspersky PURE Total Security PC Protection

kaperskey pure Everyone needs to have anti virus security installed on their computer. I recently installed Kaspersky PURE Total Security PC Protection on my computer to review.

I hate installing software on my computer that I am not physically using right that second. However, being a Tech Chick I know it is needed. I had McAfee installed and first had to uninstall the program fully to install Kasperskey PURE. This took a few minutes and I even had to visit the Kasperskey website to download the uninstall tool. Finally I installed the program and ran the anti virus scan on my computer. It did find 3 trojans that I did not know I had. So now those are fixed, removed, or quarentined.

The features I especially like about Kasperskey is the fact that I can use it on 3 computers and the parental controls that are controlled by one computer. Now when my son gets grounded from playing World of Warcraft, I can disable the program or even his internet right from my laptop, where I spend most of my day.

My husband is also a virus magnet and I can control his installation of Kasperskey anti virus protection from my laptop. I can also see what his web surfing history is and let him know what sites to stay off of. I know, me being a Tech Chick and all you would think my husband is a Tech Dude, but he is not. He is not web savvy at all and constantly clicks on things that give him viruses. I have reformatted his computer 3 times in the last year. He even downloaded a virus that disabled his anti virus and prevented me from updating it or installing any other protection.

These are some of the features of Kaspersky PURE:

  • Parental Controls that  monitor, limit and block kids’ online activities
  • Anti-Spam protection filters dangerous and unwanted emails
  • Anti-Phishing protects your digital identity
  • Real-Time Protection against all known & emerging viruses and spyware
  • Home Network Control
  • Remote Management of Parental Controls
  • Password Manager
  • Data Backup
  • File Shredder
  • Free Technical Support

You can download Kaspersky PRUE for 3 PC’s for only $89.85 for a year subscription key.

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  1. gina says

    hi, i was wondering if Kapersky lets you install it on 3 separate pcs at 3 different locations…does anyone know? i can’t find out how to contact them yet, but i’ve heard great reviews from college kids, i hear their colleges are going to buy Kapersky now cuz it’s soo GOOD! i just have to know if i can split it with my mom and my uncle, cuz they’re old and don’t know what they’re doing, LoL!! thanks for any help…


  2. Ronald Nissley says

    I can relate to not always wanting to try out new software myself, mostly because I don’t have the time to try every new or important application. That’s how I found myself on your blog…I was looking for a review of Kaspersky PURE Total Security.
    After reading your comment about first uninstalling McAfee, I couldn’t help but comment. You’re no doubt aware of tools like Microsoft Virtual PC, VirtualBox, and VMware Server? I keep several virtual operating system installations around for testing applications. It helps avoid introducing problems on my production systems. It’s also handy to have several versions of Windows around if you provide help desk support, or if your family/friends rely on you for computer support.

  3. Darren says

    Can anyone tell me how to block a particular website using Kaspersky pure? Back when I was using Trend this was an easy and straightforward thing, click a button, type in the url and it’s done. But Kaspersky seems to have made this an almost impossible task.
    I did read one tutorial about packet rules or something which said I needed the i.p address of the website and had to then do about 150 other things which succeeded admirably in not only confusing the hell out of me but also left me seriously considering changing companies.
    So I will ask once more………Is there any SIMPLE way (ie; a way in which users who don’t have a degree in aeronautical engineering and web design) to block specific urls in K Pure?

  4. says

    In the past I’ve used Kapersky AV but I didn’t liked it… It made my system runs really slow back then… Ok, I must admit that I haven’t tried it ever since but why should you pay for it?
    I mean I’ve Microsoft Security Essentials installed for more then a year and it’s great!!
    If you have another system, you should give it a try and perhaps it can convince you to uninstal Kapersky! 😉

    • Jessica Benton says

      I haven’t noticed my system slow down even during scans and updates. In fact I had not even noticed any had been done until I opened the program to check. One thing that I really like about Kapersky is that I can control my sons computer from my computer. I can lock him out of WOW, internet, or other things when I need to. I can also monitor my husbands computer activity. (He does not mind me monitoring) I monitor his activity so I can teach him, he is very computer illiterate. But this all in one security program does that all. All from one computer. that is what I like.

      • says

        It was 2003 or so when I tried it… So it must have been improved since then. But you know ; back then it left me with no good impression so I never looked back at it! 😉

        But if you would like to monitor, block websites, then you should stick to Kapersky as you can’t block websites from MSE! 😉

  5. says

    I’ve got Kaspersky PURE running on 6 systems here, I’m pretty impressed with it so far. Features I really like are the centralized control,love the password manager, the virtual keyboard and the secure form filler!

    Very nice review here Jess, as usual :)