Join Me: Protest to Stop SOPA & PIPA

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I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the government censoring my life. Let your representatives know that you against internet censorship. The SOPA act in the Senate and PIPA act in the House are proposed.

Many sites went black today to join the protest against SOPA and PIPA including internet giants like Google and Wikipedia and many smaller sites like mine. I did not choose to black out my entire site, just a few words on your first view of my site. This is what the internet would be like if it were censored. You may see some things but not everything. Corporate giants could take down smaller sites easily just by coming at the smaller entrepreneurs with well paid lawyers and threats of copywrite infringement violations.

Sign the petition to let your voice be heard HERE!

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Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog post. It means the world to me. I hope you will join in the conversation and leave a comment below.


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    It’s been great to see how widespread the protests have been today. It’s really important that some of the most popular sites around have taken the time to highlight the issue. Often very easy for those of us who are heavily engaged in social media, blogging and the online community to think that something’s a huge issue and not realize that the vast majority of the population don’t know or don’t care.

    The likes of Wikipedia blacking out has helped to educate people about the dangers of SOPA/PIPA and also forced the mainstream press to cover the issue in more detail. It’s been cool to see the immediate impact too, with heavyweight politicians like Marco Rubio (also co-sponsor of PIPA) pulling back from the legislation and acknowledging the many legitimate concerns. It’s not an argument against the idea of protecting copyright, it’s the many further excesses in the bill that would have hampered free speech, right to due process, and stifled innovation.