iTunes Update Changes App Folder Location

itunes updates app folderAs most people I have iTunes installed on my computer and connect my iPhone and iPad to it to update. Recently Apple released a new update for iTunes that changed the app folder location on your computer.

I noticed this when visiting one of my favorite websites Appolicious. With Appolicious you can inventory all your app downloads rate them, make lists, and find more apps. All the apps on the site have user reviews so you can make an informed decision before downloading an app.

When you visit Appolicious you first need the site to scan your computer to inventory your apps. When I visited this week the site could not find my app folder. So I attempted to manually find the folder with no luck. I tweeted @appolicious and then DM’d me an email address to send an email with my issue.

I was later notified that with the last iTunes update, iTunes changed the location of the app folder and they insturcted me how to manually find the folder. Appolicious also informed me that they would be updating their website to be able to automatically find the website itself.

If you use Appolicious to inventory your apps, the new folder location is now:

[user’s home folder]> Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Mobile Applications

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