Instagram Now Available For Android

instagram for android

Until today the popular photo sharing social network Instagram was only available for use via the iPhone app. Users snapped pics from their iPhone or iPod and edited the images with built in filters, then shared them with the Instagram community and also their Facebook or Twitter followers if they chose to. Well, welcome all the Android users to the Instagram platform the popular app is now available in the Android Marketplace.

I have been using the Instagram for iOS for quite some time now and would like to welcome all the Android users to the arena. Have fun and snap some beautiful pics! You can add me as you friend on Instagram with my user name ThatTechChick.

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    I squealed like a little girl when I found out about this today! I downloaded it and at first my DROID was doing crazy stuff. I then restarted and all was functioning fine again. Yay! Now I feel like one of the cool kids :)