I Got A New Camera!

I needed a new camera so badly. I purchased a Canon PowerShot SX120IS
from Best Buy this weekend. I really think I make a great decision. I really wanted a SLR but, the price was daunting. My first digital camera was a Kodak that did not live long and I learned that I hated the delay in the actual shot. When attending sporting events for my kids I always missed the moment. After the first Kodak, I purchased a nice Fuji camera. I loved this camera. To tell you how old the camera was, the price was around $200 and it was only a 3 mega pixel. The Fuji camera was a bit bulky and had a really small preview screen so I purchased another Kodak
point and shoot camera about a year ago. I think I made a mistake. The camera took OK pictures but the screen scratched REALLY easily. Not only that, the camera is just reaching a year old and it will not charge plugged into an electrical outlet more than 1 minute. The last straw was this weekend. I was at Lakendras power lifting meet. As the proud parent that I am, Lakendra was up to to her squats, I stood up to take a picture, began to zoom in, and the camera shut off. I tried to hurry and turn it back on and zoom before I missed the shot, tried to zoom, the darn thing powered off again. I missed the shot. I played around with the camera, and it was fully charged and would take pictures, just not zoom. This sucked. I knew right then I needed to make a purchase today. I will never buy another Kodak
point and shoot camera again.

I had been looking at the SLR cameras but was really confused with all the technical stuff. And I think I am technically savvy. Apparently not about cameras. I wanted a camera that I could use. Not one where there was so much about it that I screwed every picture up. Too many options cause me to screw up my pictures. But I also wanted my pictures to look great. Frankly, the prices of the SLR camera scared the crap out of me. I did not want to invest that much money in a camera that I could not understand how to use.

I made a trip to my local Best Buy. Sometimes I hate coming here because they are always out of the products on display; however their customer service is great. Even if I did not purchase the camera that I wanted at Best Buy, I could talk to someone about them. As I walked up to the camera area, a familiar face greeted me. Ok, I really do shop at Best Buy a little too much. This guy has been assisting me in most of my purchases for the last 2 ½ years. The best thing about him is that he has knowledge about all areas of the store. I walked around the camera counter that was lacking about ½ of the displays. I guess new models are coming. I don’t know but it was a little off putting to me. I looked at a couple of the point and shoot cameras, making a point to not touch the Kodak cameras. I picked up one camera that was a touch screen. I have seen several reviews on these types of cameras. I played with it for a few seconds and turned it around to look at it, and it took my picture. It seemed a little too complicated for me.

I walked down to the other side of the displays and made my way to the more expensive point and shoot cameras. I saw a Nikon. I know many other bloggers use Nikon
and their pictures look great. As I was walking toward the Nikon the customer service rep stopped me, and asked me what kind of camera I was looking for. I actually pointed to the SLR camera case, but told him that they were out of my budget range. I also told him I did not want a Kodak and I wanted better quality than a point and shoot can offer me. He suggested the Canon Powershot SX120IS. He said he has one and the pictures come out better that the Nikon of the same size. I asked him about ease and he showed me the easy setting on the camera that searches for the best settings for the shot. Another couple was behind me and said their daughter just bought one and they drove from Lake Charles to purchase this same camera because their Best Buy was out of them.

I played around with the camera for a few minutes and made my decision to purchase it. So far I am happy with my decision. I have only taken a few pictures for now. Nothing I would put on my blog yet. But I will be taking lots of pictures with my new Canon PowerShot SX120IS
, and I will post a follow up post reviewing the camera. I got to get a chance to play with it for a little while longer to get a more honest opinion. But for now, I am happy

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    So how are you liking the camera? Turns out I need a new one (mine kind of spazzed out last night… can’t have a food blog without food pictures!) so I wanted to hear how you liked yours! It sounds awesome though.
    .-= Hazel´s last blog ..Maple Barbecue Chicken =-.