I Am Back From Blogalicious

I had a great time at Blogalicious and has a wonderful time. I think this conference was well worth my money spent. Yes, I paid my own way. I had a sponsor that backed out at the last minute. It sucks to depend on someone but oh well, maybe next time.

While at the conference I learned, networked, and made friends. I even won an iPad from the Wine Sisterhood. Who better to win an iPad but a Tech Chick? This was on my “to buy list”, but now I have marked it off. I have named my iPad- iPaddy and he shares the bed with me. I know, corney, but I was already sleeping with my iPhone. My DH just laughs at me.

New iPad

I am not a wine girl but Wine Sisterhood has some great wines to choose from. Make sure you check them out.

I want to give a big shout out to my roomates Jen ( and Alicia ( They listened to me talk, snap out, and wine about being hungry. I love them and have made some everlasting friendships.


I have so much more to write but for now I have to go to work. So stay tuned for more Blogalicious posts.

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Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog post. It means the world to me. I hope you will join in the conversation and leave a comment below.


  1. says

    Sounds like another another blog event I missed. I need to keep up on all of them. I missed Blog World this year too, but at least a couple of my friends live blogged from there to cover it. Still jealous of them…lol.

    (internet connect at #smbstl was a bit shaky, so hopefully this is not a duplicate comment.)

  2. Jonnice says

    I love your blog J. Still a little sad that I didn’t make out on winnings like you did but at least the iPad went to someone that will put it to great use.

  3. says

    Good to see that blogging is still alive and well, and blogging events are thriving under these inspiring conditions.

    The iPAD is definitely one of the things on my Christmas List even though I know that my teenage daughter will eventually claim it as her own.

    I followed you on Twitter as well. I am @minusthebars

  4. says

    I was so salty that you won. But you deserved it! Loved meeting you, can’t wait to see you again. Which conference will it be? LOL


  5. says

    Hey Jessica!

    It was so fitting that you would win the iPad (although I had my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that I would win) :-). It was so great meeting you. I now find myself stopping by your site each day to see what’s new in the tech world. You’re my go to tech chick now!

    • Jessica Benton says

      Girl, it was so nice meeting you too! Did you see, I have you down there in my sidebar under Diva Bloggers?

      I have been getting notification of iPad app after iPad app, now I dont have to turn them all down.

  6. says

    I am really looking forward to reading your blog posts on Blogalicious. I had a major sponsor back out on me at the very last minute and that was the reason why I couldn’t attend. I’m going to make it next year. lol

    I’m loving the picture of iPaddy. That’s on my Christmas wish list. And it would so be under my pillow too. :) I hope you and your roommates had a good time. All of y’all look really pretty.

    Take care,

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  8. says

    Hi Jess! It was great to talk to you IRL after seeing each other on Twitter! Congratulations on your iPad win and I can’t wait to continue the conversations we started about online safety and!