How Not To Use Social Media

Social media been in the recent news headlines lately with some very disturbing stories. There is defiantly a way to utilize social media for yourself personally and professionally. But on the flip side of that, there are many ways you should not use social media. The headlines seem to broadcast some very bad behaviors from some prominent people. Like the Anthony Weiner story. What he did was an obvious no-no.

So for those who just don’t know what they should not be posting on their Facebook status or their Twitter streams I decided to give you some general rules.

  1. Don’t post nude pictures of yourself. This should be a no brainer, especially when you are a public figure.
  2. Don’t degrade or bully someone else. If you can’t say it to their face, don’t say it at all. Attacking them online only shows how much of a coward you are for hiding behind a computer screen.
  3. Don’t post something you don’t want the world to see. Once it is online, it will never go away. Think first before you post anything.
  4. Don’t gripe about your job or your boss. They will eventually see it.
  5. Don’t send spam. People will hate you.
  6. Don’t make threats to others or anything. Even if you are not serious, others may not take it that way.
  7. Don’t hide behind your profile.
  8. Don’t spread lies. Making up stories can get you into big trouble
  9. Be respectful of others privacy. If they did not post something in their updates, it is not your duty to do so.
  10. Don’t post your partying pictures and profane language on your profiles if you want to get or keep a decent job. They can and many companies do fire people for what their Facebook and Twitter accounts show.

Many people make the mistake of just posting whatever comes to mind. A great rule of thumb is that if you would not say it in a room full of people in front of a microphone, don’t add it to your profile. What you put out there may one day come back to bite you where it hurts. See our great examples like Anthony Weiner sending naked pictures to a random womon, Congressman Peter Hoekstra posted a Twitter update announcing his arrival in Baghdad, during a Congressional delegation’s previously-secret trip to Iraq, or when Chris Brown posted homophobic slurs on Twitter.

Jessica Benton (1402 Posts)

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    Great article, Jessica. Another rule of thumb is that whenever you post something, assume that it will basically be read by everybody in the world. Because if something goes viral like the Cisco fattygate incident, it may very well be.

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    Hey Jessica,

    I’m not a huge social media user, but I noticed that I have started to use it more and more. You just can’t escape it nowadays, can you? :) So in this context, I find your tips particularly helpful, thanks!


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    “Don’t spread lies. Making up stories can get you into big trouble”

    It also just makes you a crappy person.
    Honesty is a value that some folks just apparently lack, and I really wish we could just kick those people off of the internet entirely.

    – integrity – learn it, live it, love it