Holiday Shopping in the Chevy Equinox #chevyhaul

Last week I took part in a #chevyhaul for holiday shopping. Chevy delivered a 2012 Chevy Equinox for me to drive around for the holiday week. This is the first time I had the chance to check out the Equinox so I was stoked. I have already test driven the 2012 Diamond Edition Traverse and loved the room that it provided.

As a family that will be downsizing our vehicles in the next few years due to kids beginning to move out and go to college, the Chevy Equinox was a perfect vehicle to drive. We already own a large SUV and use it for all family trips. Since Lakendra is a senior and Kevin is a junior both in high school, family trips will soon have less travelers. We will no longer need all the seating that our large SUV provides. Leandra is only a freshman in high school and Tevin is in the 7th grade. Both of them will still be around for a few more years.

The Equinox still gave the feeling of driving a SUV but with excellent mileage. In the dash there is a digital info center that showed I was getting 20.2 MPG during my test drive. Most of my driving was just around town shopping on Black Friday.


There are many favorite features of mine in the Chevy Equinox, like the remote start and rear view camera to assist in backing up. I use to think that remote start was not really needed in our warm climate of Southeast Texas, however it is the most missed feature after giving the Equinox back. I liked that I could start the Equinox in the driveway at my house before taking the kids to school in the morning. I also had lots of room for shopping bags in the rear of the Equinox.

I made a video of my Black Friday shopping with Leandra. Let me know what you think.

**Disclosure: Chevy provided me with a 2012 Equinox to drive for 7 days. All opinions are my own.

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