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Finding The Perfect Movie, With Your iPhone

Many people take to the movie theatre every weekend to see the newest movie out. I remember when my grandparents would tell us they were going to the show. I am not a huge movie buff but occasionally like to spend quality time with my kids while taking in the newest picture that has been released.

Technology has made it easier and easier to find the perfect movie to share precious time with your family watching. This past weekend I was able to find show times, trailers, and even purchase my movie tickets using an app on my iPhone. I simply downloaded the app for my local movie theater called Cinemark Theaters. With the app I could see what movies were playing, show times, watch a preview and purchase my tickets. There are several other apps in the iTunes app store that allow you to do similar actions to find the movie of your choice. Those include Fandango, IMDb, Movies by Flixter, and Showtimes.

Leann, Tevin and I all went to watch the movie Chronicle. We had a great time together even though we all agreed that the movie could have been a lot better.

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    Great idea!! I knew about Fandango and those apps, but I never thought to get an app for my local theatre. I just went to the app store and purchased the app for the theater I go to quite often. I agree that it makes it a lot easier but I would like to see an article for easy ways to get reliable reviews for a movie so I can skip the undesirables.