Ending The Year- 2010

Jessica aka That Tech ChickIt has been a very good year for me and blogging. I have had many accomplishments and hit many milestones. I appreciate all my readers who have stuck with me along the was and the new ones who have found my site.

At the begining of the year I made some goals to monitize my site and knew I really had to kick it into gear when I lost my job at the end of January. That is when I started offering blog and print design services and set up iDesign. I started making money and began to focus on a different type of blogging.

In March I got invited to my first event or sponsored trip when my family was invited to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine TX and was given a 2010 Chevy Tahoe to drive. We loved that vehicle.

In June of 2010 I attended my first blogging conference. Blogging While Brown was held in Washington DC. While there we also had the chance to have a private meeting at the White House and have some social media questions answered by White House Staff. That was an experience I never want to forget. I met some really great people in the social media scene and it inspired me to keep on blogging, I really had a purpose.

At the beginning of July I attended my second sponsored trip to Six Flags in San Antonio. My whole family spent a day at the park and we stayed at the Courtyard. Then I changed my blog up a bit and became That Tech Chick. It was an all new me.  Then MyBlogSpark invited Houston area bloggers to a Chinese restaurant in Houston to play the ‘ole switch a roo and surprise us with a Wanchai Ferry Dinner. They played it off as the restaurant food and surprised us after we finished our dinner. Later during the month, I met up with other MomDotters at Bloggers on Bourbon in New Orleans LA. Meeting some of the most interesting bloggers that I have been communicating with online for the whole year.

In August I started making lots of travel plans for the rest of the year. I blogged how to blog on vacation using a very useful plugin. I also posted about welcoming guest bloggers on That Tech Chick. And I announced that I would be speaking at a new conference in St Louis MO called Show Me The Blog. Oh, I can’t forget that I was a guest speaker on the Coffee With Thomas podcast.

September started a very busy travel season for me. My co-blogger on The Blogging Chicks and I started Traveling With The Chicks and headed to Chicago thanks to Comfort Suites for our first adventure. The Comfort Suites Chicago was a fabulous place to stay. My co-blogger got us into trouble at the Oprah Store while we were there. I also threw a house party for TGI Fridays ready to drink mixed drinks.

In October I had two travel destinations planned. The first one was in Miami for Blogalicious and the second was for the Show Me The Blog conference in St Louis. At the Blogalicious conference I actually won an iPad.  I also set up a demographics survey using a QR code to see who my readers really are. We all also said good bye to the Sony Walkman.

In November I published my blog for subscription on the Kindle. I also started a new venture during the month of November and created a community for Texas Bloggers with 3 other fellow Texan bloggers called Blogging Texas Events. The community is for any and all Texas bloggers.

After all of this it brings us to the month that we are about to close out in a few hours. Not only will be close out the month of December, we will also close out the year of 2010. Everything is in the past and we look upon a new year with new goals and new benchmarks. During December I held a Tech Chick Gift Guide with giveaways to some of the most popular tech items for women. I also blogged about the inspirational bloggers and people in social media that I met in person over the year. I would not be chugging along if it were not with the help of them.

Now that we are about to bring in the New Year I will soon be telling you of my blogging goals of 2011. I hope it is even more prosperous than 2010 for not only me but you too. Thank you for coming back each and everytime you read my blog. … and comment too.

Jessica Benton (1402 Posts)

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog post. It means the world to me. I hope you will join in the conversation and leave a comment below.


  1. says

    I really enjoy reading your blog–the effort you have put into it this year really shows! I would really love to start doing consulting/design work too (I have a degree in info science with a concentration in information architecture), but it’s hard for me to get up the courage to go out on my own–I really admire that you were able to do it!

    • Jessica Benton says

      I learned that you just have to dive into it. It was hard to take that first step, but once I did, the work just started rolling in.

      Good luck!