How Do You Use Twitter?

Utilizing TwitterEffectively using Twitter is key to your brand.

Twitter can be a powerful social media and marketing tool. It all depends on how you utilize it. You can promote yourself, company, or brand on Twitter. But, do you interact with others?

You must interact with those who follow you or that you follow. You can have 10,000 followers. Does that mean they actually read your stream? NO! If you are not on Twitter actively engaging in conversation with your followers, they will not read your tweets.

It is imperative that you respond to those who mention you. Even if your response is a simple “thanks” for a retweet, they mentioned you for a reason. They are actually reading your content. You want them to continue to read your content and not think you ignored them.

Retweet what others have to say. Help those you follow spread the word. They will thank you in return and possibly return the favor. Also, while reading articles online, retweet the post and link. Let those who follow you on Twitter know about the articles that interest you.

Responding to others is a very critical practice on Twitter. Not only with retweets but also by engaging in conversation started by those that you follow. Become interested in their thoughts and words. If you see a conversation that looks interesting jump in. The person you tweet back to will be glad to know someone is reading their tweets.

Get your name, company, or brand noticed on Twitter don’t just sit back and watch others socialize between themselves.

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    Very true and great advice. It’s just general respect to treat others as you would like to be treated. With saying that it’s common courteous to respond with a simple thank you or something to show that you appreciate their follow, retweet or whatever the case may be. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. says

    Good advice.

    For awhile I was following a local photographer, but after mentioning her a few times and getting no response, I got kinda annoyed and quit following.

    I think lots of folks still do not get that twitter is micro-blogging.. or like Facebook statuses sent to the web. Unless your tweets are private, anyone can read them (just like a blog).

    Jess.. you rock!

    • Jessica Benton says


      You are right. You have to Tweet to be on Twitter, You just cant do anything. Honestly, I did not use my Twitter account for, I think, a year. I looked it and turned away. I had no clue the power and networking that could be done with it.

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    Great article…. I agree with you 100%. The one problem I’ve noticed with Twitter is their inability to keep up with the sheer number of tweets. I don’t know how many @ mentions I’ve received a day later and did not realize they were even there.

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    Good advice. It always drives me nuts when people don’t respond to me. I do understand that some people just have so many followers they may not see me or have time, but it is very important to remember there’s another person on the other side of that @.
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