Think Twice Before Breaking Into A Tech Chicks House- Part 2

Yesterday I told you about how my house was broken into and with the help of Kris Cain, Little Tech Girl, I was able to find who was on my computer.

The morning after the burglary, I waited to go the police department until my friend had assigned my case to a detective and hand delivered it to him. I had to go downtown and explain what Kris and I had done to get the information we did. Then the detective looked up the name that we had given him. The person was a 26 year old male that had no record, not even a traffic ticket. He was only in the system because of a wreck about 3 years ago.

jail barsThe detective showed me a picture of him from his driver’s license. I got happy immediately because it matched the picture that we found on Facebook. But the address that showed was a different one than the one we found.

The detective told me that he would be going by the house to pick up the guy and I went home. I found out that the guy on my computer was picked up and was scared as hell. He gave the cops my Toshiba laptop, wireless mouse, and the tray it sat on. He told them that his brother, dad and him had purchased the laptop from one of his brothers friends the day before.

Next they went to the high school to pick the brother up. He also said the same story. That is all the information that I received that day.

When I got home from work I asked my kids who was picked up from school by the police? apparently this kid was in both of my high school kids class, but they had heard he was picked up for smoking in the bathroom.

On Friday the detective called me to tell me the laptop was at the station and I could come pick it up. He also told me that he could not hold the guys who had the laptop because they claimed that they did not know it was stolen even though they purchased this $700 laptop for $100 from a kid they knew was a hoodlum.

The brother that was picked up from school gave the name of the kid who sold them the laptop. The kid is 16 years old and already has a warrant out for his arrest for another crime. He has been to my house a few years ago when my 16 year old was in middle school. But only one time. In fact he spoke to my 14 year old daughter at the football game the Friday before the break in. Which makes this story that much more creepy.

He is not behind bars yet, but I know who broke in to my house. Oh, and I asked the detective if he told the guy that was on the computer that I watched everything he did including download illegal music and porn. He said the guy was freaked out. It is taking everything in my not to go knock on their door to question them myself and let his mom know what he was doing online.

The detective also told me that this 16 year old kid looks to be the same burglar that has been breaking into houses in my neighborhood since school went back in last week.

I can only imagine what this kid will be doing in 10 years from now. Will he ever change or forever be a menace to society?

I wrote a post about some programs and devices that you can protect your laptop and gadgets,  property or home with in case this happens to you. There are many things out there that I have access to and could have taken advantage of that I was too lazy to set up or install.

Jessica Benton (1402 Posts)

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  1. says

    So totally and completely awesome that you two rockin’ super sleuthy tech chicks were able to nab this guy! I love it!! Followed both of you on Twitter and FB and very darn glad to make your acquaintances! 😉

  2. Arianne May says

    I’m very happy for you Jessica and I really can’t wait for that program you’ve been using to track the true culprit. I can’t really imagine a 16 year old kid doing such stuff.

  3. says

    Congrats on getting your laptop back. Just to think you have to go through such an ordeal is scary enough. Unfortunately, many of these crimes go unsolved!

    It makes me wonder what is happening in society these day!

  4. says

    Wow, Jessica – it’s amazing you were able to track who logged into your computer! I am not a techie at all, and it sounds like a miracle to me to be able to do that. LOL


    PS Pleasure to have found your blog.

  5. says

    I am so glad you were able to get your laptop back. You are pretty damn awesome for tracking it down all on your own. I hope this kid gets the proper punishment.

  6. Carolyn G says

    First I have to say that I am so impressed what you and Kris did to figure out the crime.

    I cannot believe this kid is out loose because he should be in jail at this point. Luckily, you know who it is. I swear I would have called his family but sometimes that is not the best thing either.

    Glad you got your computer back.

  7. says

    WTG! You seriously don’t mess with a tech chick. Something similar happened here where I live. Someone had their laptop stolen and through programs out there she was able to track it down.

  8. says

    I am so glad you got your laptop back and was able to solve the crime.

    I can’t wait to see what programs you write about tomorrow. We should all install something like you used on our computers.