I Am Now Free From Satellite With The Logitech Revue

I recently cut the cord from DirectTV. I felt like we were paying way too much for what we were using. The only shows we as a family watch, are available for free online. I did not want to tie up my laptop computer to connect it to the TV each time we wanted to watch a show. So I canceled my satellite and purchased a Logitech Revue box to be able to watch everything and so much more right on my TV.

I purchased my Logitech Revue from Amazon and prepared for its arrival. While waiting for the box to arrive I called DirectTV and had all of my services canceled. The retention representative tried to keep my services. She offered my same services for a $40 discount per month for 6 months. My thought was, if it was cheaper, why I was not paying the cheaper rate all along. The reason I started researching alternatives was because of how much I paid per month to begin with. Previous calls to DirectTV in attempt to reduce my monthly bill resulted in the representative telling me that I was stuck with paying over $100 per month.

When I received my Logitech Revue set top box I quickly opened the box and connected it to my TV with the HDMI cable. After powering the Revue up, I was walked through simple set up instructions with onscreen directions.

Because I am not using the Logitech Revue with any other set top box or an existing cable or satellite services, I am not able to search or view shows that I receive OTA. If I were to purchase a Channel Master, TIVO box or another box that has a coaxial input from my antenna and HDMI output for the Logitech Revue I would be able to view and search these shows. At this point I don’t choose to purchase another pricey box or pay for another monthly service, so I will stick to using the Logitech Revue without another box and simply switch input modes when I want to watch OTA broadcasts.

After setting up my Logitech Revue, I searched programing and channels that my family usually watches. Then I saved each one of those sites with full episodes available to our bookmarks for easy access. Some of the programming that I saved is listed below.

  • HGTV
  • Food Network
  • The CW
  • SYFY
  • Spike
  • MTV
  • Oxygen
  • Chiller
  • VH1

When I want to search for full episodes of a show, I bring up the search on the Logitech Revue keyboard and type the show name followed by “full episode”. Doing this allows me to find full episodes of the show instead of just information or video clips. I have been successful in finding all but one show that I watch online for free.

We also access our Netflix account and I am able to watch movies and episodes through the Netflix app. The quality is good and I like that I can pause the movie right from the remote using the pause button.

I have found some programing on Amazon Instant Video but have yet purchased any. For movies I would rather search Netflix or stop by a Redbox or Blockbuster rental machine and spend only $1.

Having access to Twitter and other internet sites right on my TV is pretty nifty. However, since I hooked the Logitech Revue up, I have watched more TV than I normally do.

My opinion is that cable and satellite TV is passive television. You usually set it to a channel and leave it there until there is a commercial. Sometimes I would find myself watching a single channel for most the day. I actually was not watching the channel, but just had the TV on while I was doing other tasks. Now with the Logitech Revue with Google TV, I am more interactive when watching TV. I have to actually find what I want to watch. When that program, movie, or show is over, I search for another one. If I am not really interested in watching anything else, I can just turn the TV off and do something else with my time.

Overall I feel that I have made a good choice in cutting the cord from my satellite provider and don’t see myself going back anytime soon. The Logitech Revue with Google TV cost me $99, which is what I paid monthly for satellite services. There are no monthly fees to have access to Google TV, so I am saving more than $1200 yearly.

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  1. says

    I’ve been looking for this item. But still, I don’t know much whether to buy it or not. I’m afraid it’s not the one i’ve been looking for. Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing the review.

  2. Bill Gibson, II says

    Just found that I can use the free Android app, “WIFI Keyboard” to connect my Revue keyboard to my HTC EVO & Hero phones. Then switch input to TV, to watch TV while I continue to type to my phone. The Revue makes a good little travel unit (if your hotel has good WIFI).

  3. says

    I did almost the same thing except with the Roku XDS, the one thing that is hard to replace is if you are a CNN or news junkie and live broadcasts are really hard to find and don’t really exist for Roku XDS, though maybe more with Google TV.

    I use Hulu Plus for TV Shows, Netflix for movies and Amazon Prime for some additional content, even with all 3 signed up it still 75% cheaper than using a satellite service. If you use an HD TV antenna for local channels, then you pretty much don’t need anything else with those combinations.

    • Jessica Benton says

      There is no news live broadcasts with Google TV either. That is the one thing you really cant replace. But the nightly news once a day is sufficient for me, News is bias now I have a limit on how much I can watch. Besides, I get important news updates via twitter before it is even reported on the news LOL.

      • says

        Roku does have the CNN International channel which is live news coverage, but more from London and barely touches US news. There is also live Fox News but this is only on weekdays between set hours. Kinda odd. Your ReplyMe plugin is broken by the way, the configuration is missing the link back to the comment and/or the reply itself as well.

        • Jessica Benton says

          ok, so at least there is a bit of news on from Fox news on the Roku.

          Thanks for the heads up on the plugin, I checked the code yesterday and it looked fine so I just changed out the plugin. Let me know if this is better.

  4. says

    I’ve always had good luck with talking the cable company down on their rates. It annoys me to think that most people just pay whatever the going rate it because it’s far too expensive and they will discount it if you make a fuss.
    Reminds me of the insurance claims that my health insurance wouldn’t pay until I appealed it, when I asked why the secretary for the anesthesiology group said “because we can get more money that way…” really… she really said that

    • Jessica Benton says

      It seams like more and more companies are acting that way. They just want to see how much we will really pay.

    • says

      I did the same with Dish Network last year, I told them I was going to switch to DirecTV and they took money off my bill every month for a year to keep me around longer. In the end though all satellite services are too expensive and we should only have to pay for the channels we want, I don’t need 300+ channels when I only watch about 12=20 ever. Pay $1 per channel per month and I would keep the service.

  5. says

    I have been thinking about buying this so that I can watch Netflix on my bedroom TV. Some of the reviews on have been harsh so I did not feel comfortable trying it out. Thanks for your take on it.