5 Computer Chip Necklaces For Women

Computer chip jewelry has become a bit popular. I found some beautiful necklaces made from computer chips on Etsy. In fact, in my search for computer chip jewelry in Google I found the majority of the items were from Etsy artists. I picked out the most beautiful ones to showcase as a great holiday gift for Tech Chicks. Visit the artists, buy a necklace and support these artists.

Heart Circuit Pendant Necklace (BUY)

cute computer chip necklace

Nuts and Bolts and Washers Upcycled RoHS Computer Board Necklace (BUY)

girly computer chip necklace

Circuit Board with Cathedral Glass Necklace (BUY)

beaded and circuit board necklace

Dichroic Glass Pendant Necklace Jewelry in Blue Circuit Board (BUY)

fancy blue circuit board necklace

No. 6 or No. 9 (BUY)

beautiful computer circuit chip necklace

Which circuit board necklace is your favorite?

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    Oh! I like the heart one – how cool is THAT?!! I am always amazed at the stuff you find to post, lol When I grow up I wanna be a blogger just like you, lol