Closet Couture

Recently I have been posting Friday Fashion Finds where I create a cute outfit along with some sort of tech accessory. I started doing this so I could express my fashionable side. I am a beauty and fashion addict as much as I love technology. Sometimes it is hard to find the perfect items to add to the outfit. When I saw College Candy post about Closet Couture I was excited.

At one time I used Boutiques by Google. In the last few months Google shut down I was off searching random sites to create my outfits at. Closet Couture allows you to create outfits, but the fun part is that you can actually upload images of pieces from your own closet to create your outfits with.

closet couture stylebook

If you don’t want to upload or create your own outfits, you can browse other users outfits or even hire a stylist through the site.

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    Wow, this is so cool! I always have an easy time choosing individual pieces, but I’m horrible when it comes to pairing things. I’ve often thought about hiring a stylist, although that would kind of make me feel like a failure–ha!

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    I’m so bad at putting outfits together that I usually buy complete outfits. This would be a great money saving thing for me to use.