ChicaPC-Fix Software Review and Giveaway

chica pc- fixEveryone’s computer gets cluttered. You should make a habit of performing housekeeping habits on your computer to keep it running efficiently and smoothly. However, even if you are a great computer housekeeper, your Windows operating system can become slower and slower after time. Every program you install and uninstall leaves little bits of it behind. Like when you send your kids out to play, they leave their toys everywhere and you have to go clean them all up. Programs leave registry entries, broken paths, and more behind even when it is uninstalled from your computer.

I had a chance to use and review ChicaPC-Fix by Chicalogic.

“The first of several new product releases from ChicaLogic in 2010, ChicaPC-fix is a comprehensive, user-friendly Windows registry cleaner that maximizes PC speed and performance, prevents system failures, and will have most computer systems running like new in minutes. Put simply, ChicaPC-Fix extends the life of a PC. Once downloaded, ChicaPC-fix seeks out and removes and/or repairs the errors it finds in the Windows Registry, and the results are immediate.”

My Thoughts

I downloaded ChicaPC-Fix to my computer pretty quickly. It was a fast download and install. I did not need to deactivate my anti-virus software to use ChicaPC-Fix. Being the Tech Chick that I am, I run several programs to keep my computer running smoothly. ChicaPC-Fix did not interfere with any of those. After the install, I ran a scan on my computer. I was not surprised to see many errors in my registry keys, application paths, ActiveX entries, and others. I frequently download and remove programs from my computer.

chica pc fix

That was a lot of errors on my PC. I clicked next to fix and within a few minutes, ChicaPC-Fix reported back that my computer was in “good health”. I ran another scan just to check and see if it actually cleaned the errors. I did have a few more errors but not as many as the first scan. The number of errors was only in the double digits. After cleaning my computer a second time, I again ran the report, this time I only had 7 errors left. ChicaPC-Fix explains how errors can keep showing up after you run the fix.

ChicaPC-fix finds and fixes all of the errors it finds. Some programs re-create the same invalid entries that were removed in the first scan. ChicaPC-fix will find them and remove them again from your system. There is no need to be worried, as a small number of errors may reappear after being removed by ChicaPC-fix. To get a rid of the errors permanently, you will need to find the program that is re-creating them.

The ChicaPC-Fix explanation makes perfect since.

ChicaPC-Fix is an easy light wieght program to download and install. The scans run fast and helps you do the housekeeping your computer needs to keep it clean and running smoothly. ChicaPC-Fix allows you to download the program for free and clean up to 25 files without purchase. If you want to use the full version to clean more than 25 files you can purchase the program for as low as $19.99.


I also have 20 ChicaPC-fix One Year License/Activation keys to giveaway. Pretty cool? This is how I am going to give them away. Follow me (@jess_benton) and @chicalogic on Twitter and tweet the following:

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    I follow both and tweeted I am tweeting for a free ChicaPC-fix One Year License/Activation key from @jess_benton & @chicalogic You can get one too!