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Chevy Traverse 2012

I was lucky enough to get to test drive a 2012 Chevy Traverse for 2 weeks for the #chevygirls. It is not a surprise that I am a Chevy fan to begin with but the Traverse took my by surprise. Not to mention that I told my husband that I was the only one allowed to drive. After all, they did only take a copy of my drivers license.

2012 chevy traverse

23 Houston area bloggers were able to take the 2 week test drive. Each of us received a beautiful 2012 Chevy Traverse Diamond Edition. And each one of us had a dealership that we partnered with.

I assumed the Traverse was a mid size SUV. Generally mid size SUV’s seat 5, but the 2012 Chevy Traverse seats 7. That type of seating is usually only found in a large SUV, with a larger price tag and less miles per gallon of gas. Overall costing more up front and in the long run.

Not only did the Chevy Traverse seat 7, but it also had lots of cargo room behind the third row of seating. The vehicle was stylish and comfortable to drive. I loved the seat warmer, that I only used one day. The Bluetooth mobile connect came in handy and was easy to use. I paired my phone and everytime I was in the Traverse, it worked flawlessly.Chevy Traverse Diamond Edition

After picking the Traverse up for the test drive, my husband was driving my car behind me on the highway. I was talking over the Bluetooth in the Traverse, but my call kept jumping back and forth from car to car since I have a Bluetooth device in my car that my husband was driving. That was the most confusing phone call, and funny too.

Another feature that became addicting after a few days was the satellite radio. Since I recently cut the cord with my cable company, being able to listen to CNN while driving was a treat.

Don’t only take my word for what I liked about the 2012 Chevy Traverse, you can test drive one too at your local Chevy dealer. If you head out to test drive a Traverse between October 31 and November 26th you will also get a Spa Finder gift card. You can also check out the other bloggers who test drove the Chevy Traverse on Twitter by following the hashtag #chevygirls or on the Facebook Fan page.

“The Chevy Traverse campaign is sponsored by the Houston Area Chevy Dealers. They are providing me with a Chevy Traverse to drive for 2 weeks along with a gas card and a spa gift card.”


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  1. BrothaTech says

    We bought a fully loaded Traverse LTZ earlier this year and LOVE IT.

    Took the family on a 10 hour trip, and it was smooth sailing.

    Definately worth every penny!