Health Tracking Argus iPhone App Review


At the beginning of this year I explained how I did not want to really make resolutions, but I did want to make some life changes. Most of those changes had to do with living healthier. I am not participating in any sort of dieting, but I am making healthier food decisions. I no longer eat fast food, drink soda and try not to buy processed foods. On top of eating healthier, I have been trying to be more active. I don't want to lose weight, but gain muscle and … [Read more...]

Rate My Outfit Apps for iOS

outfit apps

These days everyone is taking selfies of their outfits. You see them all over social media networks. I have even participated in the online fad. I like to show off my cute outfits. There are several apps on iOS that Fashion Police- FREE Love watching Joan Rivers and Co. on Fashion Police? Well, this fabulous new app for your iPhone and iPad is the perfect accessory for all you snark-happy fashionistas and fashionistos. And it's free! Cloth- … [Read more...]

AdvenChewer iPad Game For Kids


A new, original IP, AdvenChewers challenges players to conquer robot armies and evade “goo” by soaring across the sky. The game follows the Kid whose renowned inventor father is kidnapped by a maniacal general, obsessed with creating flight-oriented machinations for evil means.  With the help of special bubblegum, feathered friends, and a fearless heart, the young AdvenChewer glides across fun new worlds. The AdvenChewers app is available for $0.99 from the App … [Read more...]

10 Pink Cases for iPad Air

pink ipad air cases

As most people can tell, I have a slight obsession with the pink iPad cases. You can see pink everywhere on my blog and in a lot of the clothes and accessories that I wear. Since I got a new iPad Air that I have named Samantha, I need to get her a couple of cute pink iPad Air cases. I wanted to share the 10 best pink iPad Air cases that I found on Amazon and thought I should share them with you. Keep in mind, these are affiliate links. Kensington Pink KeyFolio … [Read more...]

Meet Samantha, My New IPad Air

ipad air

I've been working pretty hard lately with one thing on my mind. I needed a new tablet. I had not upgraded by tablet since the first generation iPad. I just didn't really see a need for a new tablet. Tablets are generally used for content consumption and I am a content creator. But since I made that conclusion about the tablet my needs have changed. I need easy access to mobile content more not than ever before. I need to be able to use social media on a larger … [Read more...]

Review: Nokia Lumia 1020

nokia lumia 1020

For the past couple of weeks I have been able to try out the new Nokia Lumia 1020 thanks to AT&T. They allowed me to borrow a phone to write this review. I know when looking for a new mobile phone, it can be overwhelming to some. Sometimes you ask yourself, which cell phone should you buy, what are the features of Nokia Lumia 1020, and is the Nokia Lumia easy to use.  I am going to give you all the details of this 41 mg pixel camera phone so you can make the … [Read more...]

5 Must Have Windows Phone Apps

windows phone apps

Having a Windows phone does not mean you are completely limited on the apps you use. Over the past few years the Windows app marketplace has grown by leaps and bounds. So to help you out I created a list of the 5 must have windows phone apps to get you started. All of the apps are available at the Windows app store and at the time of writing this they are all FREE Windows apps. Evernote- From notes to ideas to snapshots to recordings, put everything into Evernote … [Read more...]

Unofficial Instagram for Windows Phone

instagram windows app

Instagram is just one of the popular social media sites that has grown in popularity over the last year. However Instagram has not created an official app that allows you access to the Instagram site. So as an avid Instagramer I had to find something to use as an alternative. I found the 6tag app as a great unofficial Instagram app for Windows phones. The 6tag app is pretty cool. I actually wish it was available for iOS on my iPhone because it is actually … [Read more...]