How To Instantly Preview Your DSLR Pictures on Your iPad


For Christmas my amazing hubby gave me a Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR camera. I have fallen in love with taking pictures of absolutely everything with my new camera. I thought the kids ran from me before when they thought I just might take a picture. Well, now then know for sure with this new big amazing picture taking gadget that I have acquired. Ok, enough of that. Yes, I do run around the house taking a picture of everything I can think of. Sometimes I even take … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Printable Cards


Valentine's Day is one of my most favorite holidays. Ok, it's not really a holiday, but I like this day of the year more than any other. I also hate to give cheezy little valentine's notes to my kids so I make my own. I know, they are not my valentine but they hold a special place in my heart so I make sure they know. I made Valentines Day printable cards that I will be stashing in my kids school bags for this years Valentines Day and wanted to share them with you … [Read more...]

Fivver, New iPhone App and Holiday Giveaway

fivver app

Fivver now has an iPhone app! I cannot believe that this is the first time I have written about Fivver, so let me tell you the history I have with Fivver.  A few years ago I was looking for a way to make a few extra dollars.  Someone on Twitter introduced me to the site that allowed me to offer a service for just $5. This was a great way to get small pieces my work out there. I offered to create Twitter backgrounds and even sold a Wordpress e-book that I had … [Read more...]

Togglebox Cloud Storage #spon


A fine collection of billingsgates in a glass fronted display box Dynamic VPS (it can be changed at runtime) is often referred to as a cloud server. Some specific features for this are: Additional hardware resources can be added at runtime (CPU & RAM) Server can be moved to other hardware while the server is running (automatically according to load in some cases) Also referred to as Virtual Dedicated Server Many people prefer a cloud server over a … [Read more...]

Networking with Local Bloggers

southeast texas social media influencers

I've been in the blogosphere for a few years now. Sometimes I get a bit lonely because there are not really any other bloggers around. My sister tried her hand at a cooking blog but gave up. She felt frustrated that nobody left comments but I told her she had to blog because she wanted to and got satisfaction just by publishing a post, not just when someone commented on her blog post. I have chatted with another blogger that lives a few cities north of me, but we … [Read more...]

Backing Up Your Files Online

locked laptop

Since my laptop was stolen I have been focusing on how to protect yourself, your laptops and gadgets, and your files on your laptop computer from thieves. I wrote about programs that can help you locate and recover your laptop and mobile devices. This time I want to focus on the files that you have on your computer. When I walked into my house and saw the mess from the burglars and noticed my laptop gone, I began to worry about all the images and documents I had … [Read more...]

I Am Done With Firefox

chrome firefox

For weeks now I have fought with my Firefox browser. Somewhere around the version 4 Firefox update, my browser began to freeze when I loaded anything including Google. The only way I was able to get it going again was by opening the task manager and trying to end the task. Instead of ending, Firefox would somehow unfreeze and actually load the page. Many times I can't load anything and when writing blog posts I lose my content that I had worked long and hard to … [Read more...]

Tools To Distribute Content: Buffer and Ifttt

buffer app

I recently found a great way to distribute my content to Twitter and Facebook at the best times for the most exposure to my followers. Buffer has made this possible. With Buffer you connect your accounts and it allows you to store postings until specified times, usually the most optimal time that your posting will get the most exposure. You can change the times in the settings. Buffer is great, but it is all manual. In walks (if this than that). … [Read more...]