My Top 10 WordPress Plugins

wordpress plugins

I was looking through my blog and noticed I written about my favorite 10 WordPress plugins a few years ago.  Since a lot of time has passed and with changing times and Wordpress updates including more and more features my favorites have changed. But some of my favorite Wordpress plugins have actually stayed the same. I currently have 26 installed and activated plugins on my blog. Since I use the Genesis Theme Framework, a few of my plugins are theme specific. But … [Read more...]

Mini Blog Bucket List

Make Your Blog Better

I was reading thru my feed on Bloglovin and came across a blog post  about 5 ways to make your blog better that inspired me to create this post and a list of my very own. I hope you will become inspired and create your own bucket list for your blog. After blogging since 2009 and being a blog designer myself, I am over the weekly blog design tweaks and moving things around on my blog. It's kinda like being a parent. At first, you jump every time you think about … [Read more...]

The Decision To Start A Blog


You have an idea or hobby and think you want to share it with more than just your friends and family who could really careless about your interest. You decide that the place to share your hobby should be online. When sharing online you reach more than just those people you see face to face. After starting a blog audience becomes world wide. Blogs are created for many reasons. I created my first blog in 2009. The topic of my blog at the time was one of my hobbies; … [Read more...]

Twonky Manager Connects Your Home

twonky manager

Digital homes are becoming a normal way of life. Twonky Manager is helping those digital devices we have in our homes stay connected to share content across our network. The Twonky Manager is a media server that can share media, video, image, and music files across your wireless network from your computer to other devices like your Xbox360, Logitech Revue, or a wi-fi connected digital picture frame. You can access your personal and online content without saving … [Read more...]

NetGenie Provides Networking Parental Controls


Monitoring your kids internet access is essential. There are many online threats and your kids may get exposed to content you may not want them exposed to. Cyberoam created a unique solution that called NetGenie. The device is a wireless router with family protection. The NetGenie wireless router provides home networks with antivirus protection and parental restrictions at the network level while giving the users the ability to wirelessly connect. With mobile … [Read more...]

Volunteer Your Computing Power- Intel’s Progress Thru Processors


As a technology and gadget addict, devices are ever-changing. Out with the old in with the new. It seems to bring a lot of waste of electronics when you upgrade your devices. I try to recycle my electronics whenever possible. I resale items when I grow out of them, hand them down to my kids, and sometimes donate them to others or organizations that can find a use for them. Not only do old gadgets fill up our landfills, but the power to use them takes electric … [Read more...]

Must Have Gadgets For #BlogHer11

igo charger

I am gearing up and packing for #BlogHer11. There are several gadgets and electronics that are must haves at conferences. I have attended a few and know my gadget bag will be full. I always want to pack light, but make sure I have everything I need at a conference. This is my checklist. Some is pretty basic, others you may not have thought of. iPad or Tablet The best way to live blog is from an iPad or Tablet with the Wordpress app. I won my iPad from Sister Wines … [Read more...]

Organize Your #BlogHer11 Itinerary Using Tripit

tripit app

Attending conferences can be overwhelming. Deciding which sessions to see, what parties to rock out at, and who you need to meet up with can be confusing.I found a great app that can organize it all for you. Tripit finds your travel details and organizes them in to an itinerary that can be accessed on the web, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Andriod or on the web.TripIt turns chaos into order by making it easy for anyone to:Organize trip details into one master online … [Read more...]