Top 5 Things To Do Aboard Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas #seastheday


I am back from my Royal Caribbean cruise on the Liberty of the Seas out of Ft Lauderdale Florida. Forty bloggers all together participated in a "Brandcation" hosted by Momdot and boarded the ship to Cozumel to take part in a social media event. I had never taken a cruise before even though I am less than an hour from a major cruise port in Galveston Texas. I had no clue what to expect. I never realized how many activities were available to take part in during … [Read more...]

Leather, Leather, and More Leather

leather pencil skirt

Even though I don't really work a job where I go and dress up, I still like dress like I do occasionally. I loved this leather skirt the first time I laid my eyes on it. I think the length is super sexy. And this peplum, I stole it from my daughter. But at least I gave it back. The boots are so comfy. And I love the detail! Pink Peplum shirt with leather trim- Charolette Rousse Black leather pencil skirt- The Purple Door Twisted Women's Vanessa Faux … [Read more...]

I’m Going on A Royal Caribbean Cruise to Cozumel #SeasTheDay


I feel like such a dud because I live on the Gulf Coast, less than an hour from the Galveston TX cruise port and I have never ever been on a cruise. My husband and I actually talked about taking Leandra and Tevin (my last  kiddos at home) on a cruise instead of having a Christmas celebration this year. That's all still up in the air, so when I had the opportunity to join Brandcation for a cruise, I was all in for it. Especially since its the day after my … [Read more...]

Health Tracking Argus iPhone App Review


At the beginning of this year I explained how I did not want to really make resolutions, but I did want to make some life changes. Most of those changes had to do with living healthier. I am not participating in any sort of dieting, but I am making healthier food decisions. I no longer eat fast food, drink soda and try not to buy processed foods. On top of eating healthier, I have been trying to be more active. I don't want to lose weight, but gain muscle and … [Read more...]

Refreshing Youthful Smoothie


I am loving my NutriBullet and creating healthy smoothies has become a snap. I love finding smoothie recipes online and finding fruit and vegetable combinations that I enjoy. This smoothie combo came inspired by the seedless watermelons that I found at HEB, my local grocery store. We all know watermelon is juicy and refreshing. Even though watermelon is mostly water and sugar, there are many hidden health benefits. Watermelon are sources of vitamin C and vitamin … [Read more...]

Broncos Nail Art for Super Bowl XLVIII

denver bronco nail art

A couple of days ago I came up with the idea to paint my nails to support one of the teams that are playing in todays Super Bowl XLVIII game. The only issue is that I really don't watch football and know nothing about either team. so I posted on Facebook asking everyone which team should I paint on my nails. Well, as you see from above the Denver Broncos won and I hope they will win tonights game, just because I dont want to paint my nails again tonight. I … [Read more...]

Mixed Berry and Greek Yogurt Smoothie


I bought a Nutri Bullet (affiliate link) right after Christmas. With one of my new life changes of eating healthier, I wanted to get into the green and healthy smoothie fad. As soon as I got my new kitchen gadget home I pulled it out to play with it, but the recipe book was full of ingredients that I did not have in the fridge. Some ingredients I had never even heard of. So I followed the pick this or that chart that came with the Nutri Bullet and almost lost my … [Read more...]

Are You Ready For American Idol Season XIII

american idol stage view

  I am not the biggest fan of the talent show competition shows like American Idol where the winners are chosen by public votes. I'm not one to even watch much TV  ummm, unless it has some juicy reality show drama. I have to admit, I only began to watch American Idol over the last few years. Now don't get me wrong, I didn't watch the entire season. I let the show start and ended up catching up with the show when there were about 10 contestants left. In fact … [Read more...]