Reclaiming Your Myspace Pictures


Myspace was the place to be online a few years back. I can remember when I first created my account and customized my profile back in 2005. It was one of the first social networks that caught attention of even those who were not very internet savvy. You could find long lost friends and even keep up with your kids who were age to have an account. Remembering Myspace We posted updates, found music and posted pictures and shared them with our loved ones. Our … [Read more...]

Adopt A Mom- Mother’s Day Gifting Program


If there were any cause that touches me the most, it would be domestic violence. I am no stranger to years of extreme physical and mental abuse. My every action was controlled and I suffered the consequences if I did not do as I was "supposed to". I alienated my closest friends; they just could not stand by and watch me allow myself to be abused.  The only issue was, I was not yet strong enough to leave. Not physically strong enough, but mentally and emotionally … [Read more...]

I Finally Changed My AT&T Mobile Rate Plan

att mobile share

I have settled with the same rate plan from AT&T for our mobile phones for several years now. To be more specific, I believe I have not changed my rate plan for about 7 years. I have been a customer of AT&T mobile services since... well since it existed. Before AT&T I was with Cingular Wireless starting in 2001 when I worked for their call center in Springfield, Illinois. Our cell phone bill has grown year after year. At one time we were paying over … [Read more...]

Lithium Ion Batteries: The Future Of Power And Portability


When thinking about the technology of tomorrow, few people consider the enormous potential of lithium ion. These seemingly humble batteries offer the maximum levels of reliability and efficiency available. Lithium ion first appeared commercially in 1991. However, recent advances in computer miniaturization and nano-scale graphite technology have resulted in lithium ion cells becoming the quintessential rechargeable power source. You can probably find at least one … [Read more...]

The Air Force Collaboratory #spon

Air Force Logo - Silver and Blue 3D, with text

The Air Force Collaboratory is  platform dedicated to solving some of our toughest science and technology challenges.  This resource encourages you to add your ideas, recommendations and input on projects that the Air Force is currently working on. The GPS IIF is a program that is in the works right now and your ideas are needed. The GPS or Global Positioning System is a navigational system involving satellites and computers. The signals allow you and others to … [Read more...]

Nextt The Offline Social Network Can Hep Organize & Finalize Holiday Plans


Holidays are hectic and trying to coordinate and finalize plans with friends and family can often feel like driving flying reindeer…make your holiday events, keep them on track, invite your friends and get them done with Nextt, a private “offline” social network launching  Thursday, 11/14. It’s an app that’s less about itself and more about the people that’s using it – organizing a person’s future real world plans/ideas through a set of pre-calendar tools, and … [Read more...]

FREE Data with iPad Air at T-Mobile

free ipad

T-Mobile is now offering will begin to offer 200mb/month of FREE data on all tablets, including the new iPad Air on its network. If you check the T-Mobile site out today you can already find mobile phones like the HTC One and the LG G2 for $0 down. On November 1, 2013, when the iPad Air becomes available, T-Mobile will offer the several tablets for $0 down and monthly payments that are spread out over 2 years. They will also include the free monthly data with an … [Read more...]

AT&T Redefines The Storefront

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Technology can be intimidating for many people. Some people feel that they don't have the time to learn how to utilize technology. They don't understand how technology can make their home and work life easier. AT&T is realizing that customers are quick to purchase a device but not as quick to be able to utilize all of the features to their potential. They also understand that customers want more than to just walk into a store and purchase a device. They need … [Read more...]