Absolute Lojack Challenge #DigitallyDark

absolute lojack challenge

This is sponsored content. Imagine that your phone, tablet of laptop was stolen. What would you do? Would you know who to call, where to turn or how would you get it back? Finding that your phone, tablet or laptop has been stolen can give you a sick feeling in your gut. You feel vulnerable and violated all at the same time. Think of all that personal information the thief now has access to. I know first hand from my laptop being stolen when my house was broken … [Read more...]

My New Samsung Smart TV Made Me Order Cable Service


Right before Christmas my living room TV decided to call it quits on us. The living room TV is actually the one that I watch the most. I was kind of sad but a little part of me was happy to finally get the chance to upgrade to a new smart TV. So my hubby and I took of to our local electronics store to look at TV's. We did absolutely no research. I only knew one fact, not to purchase just an internet ready TV but that I needed to look for a TV that actually had a … [Read more...]

Review: D-Link Cloud Camera 1150 DCS-933L

D-Link Cloud Camera 1150

D-Link sent me a Day/Night Network Cloud Camera to review.  The D-Link Cloud Camera 1150 DSC-933L gives you the ability to remotely view high quality video from your mobile devices. You are able to clearly monitor in the light and dark situations with the built in ICR filter and IR LEDs. D-Link sends email alerts to notify you of movement or sound that the camera detects.   Use the My D-Link apps to remotely view your camera feed. The D-Link camera … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Idea: CarMD

car md kit

Have you ever worried about car maintenance and repairs?  As women, we often are in the mercy of car repair shops. When something goes wrong with our vehicle we have to take their advice and recommendations, and pay the price they say. The CarMD offers peace of mind in an easy to use device. It fits nicely in your purse or right in the glove compartment. CarMD allows anyone to quickly check our cars health. After connecting the device to your vehicle, you can … [Read more...]

Whirlpool Celebrates 100th Birthday


This year on November 11th, marked the 100th year birthday for the Whirlpool Corporation. Throughout the years Whirlpool has become a stronger more profitable company, bringing consumers what they want and need in household appliances. Lets take a bit of a history lesson about Whirlpool with some fun facts. 1911: Upton Machine Company is founded by Lou and Emory Upton in Benton Harbor, Michigan, to produce electric motordriven wringer washers. These models … [Read more...]

Get Cleaner Clothes with Whirlpool Duet

whirlpool duet washer

Since my kids are older they don't get those average stains in their clothing as much anymore. I usually deal with ink stains from the boys carrying pens in their pockets, nasty smelling clothes from Tevin playing and running outside, and nasty "I don't know what" on my husbands work clothes. Treating this type of laundry had me retreating entire loads before my Whirlpool Duet pair. With the technology Whirlpool has built into their washer and dryer, I can now … [Read more...]

I Am Now Free From Satellite With The Logitech Revue


I recently cut the cord from DirectTV. I felt like we were paying way too much for what we were using. The only shows we as a family watch, are available for free online. I did not want to tie up my laptop computer to connect it to the TV each time we wanted to watch a show. So I canceled my satellite and purchased a Logitech Revue box to be able to watch everything and so much more right on my TV. I purchased my Logitech Revue from Amazon and prepared for its … [Read more...]

NeatReceipts Review


Technology has evolved in so many ways. It can help us with our everyday tasks. Including keeping our documents safe. Most companies utilize computer software to keep track of their business documents. NeatReceipts is making it easier for small and home businesses to help organize their documents. I received a portable NeatReciepts scanner to review. When talking to my accountant at work, I found that she actually uses a larger version of NeatReciepts for … [Read more...]