Balanzza Mini Digital Luggage Scale Review

I know it can be a pain to wonder how much your luggage weighs when flying. It cost way too much to pay for the extra pounds.

Each time I travel on an airline that charges for baggage I am very worried about the weight of my luggage. I am happy I received a Balanzza Mini Luggage Scale to review.

I used the Balanzza Mini Luggage Scale for my husband who just had a trip to Illinois and had checked baggage. The scale is very easy to use and shows the weight very fast and accurately on a digital display. We weighed my husbands luggage several times as we packed so we would not go over the weight limit.

Black Balanzza Mini Digital Luggage Scale

Then after we finished packing, I told my husband to put the scale in his bag to take it with him to use when packing to come back home. It is small enough to put right in the front of his suitcase.

I know I will be pulling out the Balanzza Mini Luggage Scale on all my trips. Especially when attending Blogher this coming August. I am afraid the swag that is handed out will end up costing me in my luggage.

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