Bad Girls Club: Ep 9 Power Trippin Recap

bad girls club jennifer and nikkiAnother girl gone home. I am beginning to think the Bad Girls Club is just the weak girls club. All these chicks are weak in my opinion.

The new girl Wilmarie helped Nikki and Lauren kick out the super annoying Jennifer. They were slick about it and packed her bags for her. Jennifer just followed their lead and finished packing her bags and actually left. She says she has class, but who signs up for the Bad Girls Club has class. I think Wilmarie mentioned that.

Next on their list to kick out of the house was Jessica. But I think it was more Nikki’s idea. Only because Nikki was sour that Jessica sided and started following Char. Nikki is correct. I used to like Jessica until she started being Char’s minion. Char says jump, and Jessica jumps.

Lauren hung up on Jessica’s rude mom. Then the flood gates were open to a fight. Lauren got in Jessica’s face and then got punched by Jessica. After security broke it up, Nikki threw a sucker punch. I can’t believe Nikki or Jessica did not get kicked out of the house for fighting. Seems like a one way street because Ashley was kicked out in a heart beat when she threw a punch at Kori and then Kori beat her a$$.

But anyways, Nikki goes and sucks up to Jessica and now they are cool, but Lauren feels left behind. Lauren is acting weak. But like I said, this seems like the weak girls club not the Bad Girls Club.

On top of it all, Wilmarie seems to be getting close to Char. I sure hope she don’t turn into another follower.

You know if these girls would just get along and take advantage of the opportunity they have to be in the Bad Girls Club, they would not be fighting. They all seem to be looking for a fight every day. Life is about a lot more than that. These girls need to stop thinking they are better than everybody else for about 5 min and they would probably find out they all have a lot in common.

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    • Jessica Benton says

      I am such a reality show junkie. I really don’t watch any other shows. And these girls are so stupid, why not blog about them LOL