Must Have Back To School Mobile Apps

Using flashcards is one of the best ways to memorize and study for students. The Flipside HDmakes flashcards digital for the iPad. It is easy to shuffle the cards and mark the cards that you don’t know so you are not studying cards you already know.

Flipside HD - JBB Productions


CourseNotesby Dear Panda LLC lets your student take notes while in class and keeps them organized by subject. Then they can be printed or shared with friends. You can also keep ToDo lists and track assignments, then sync them with your iPad’s calendar. With the newest version released WiFi syncing was enabled with CourseNotes for the Mac and images and due dates can be added to any notes.

CourseNotes - Dear Panda LLC


iWorks is 3 apps for productivity on the iPhone or iPad. Keynote creates presentations with animated charts and transitions. The Numbers app allows you to create spreadsheets with tables, charts, photos, and graphics. Pages allows the creation of professional documents with lots of templates to choose from. These suite of apps are essential to any student.

Numbers - Apple®Pages - Apple®Keynote - Apple®


Evernote is an essential note taking app. Once notes are created, they can include text, photo, and audio. Then they can be auto synchronized to your Mac, PC or even on the web. This app also makes text within snapshots searchable. This app is great for research and class notes.

Evernote - Evernote


Dropbox is cloud storage. First sign up for the FREE Dropbox accountthen you download and install the app on your desktop and mobile devices you can share files on any computer connected to your Dropbox. You can also share files with others. This allows any pictures or documents to be available anytime anywhere.

Dropbox - Dropbox


Every year a dictionary is on my children’s supply list. Having the Merriam Webster dictionary mobile app at your fingertips is better than toting around the book The app gives you the ability to voice search to look up words. There is also an integrated thesaurus, example sentences, word of the day, favorites and much more.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary HD - Merriam-Webster, Inc.


Once students reach high school, they will usually be required to have a calculator, and they can be quite expensive. The Calc XT calculator app for the iPad is a scientific calculator with many features and a memo pad. . This app is great for figuring those calculations at a fraction of the price of an actual calculator for only $1.99.

Calc XT - Water Lou


MyHomework keeps that student organized with their homework and classes. It uses push notifications for assignments and tests. For college students the app helps you see what days and times you have class. The app is free but requires a MyHomework account which is only $.99.

myHomework - Rodrigo Neri


iStudiez Prois another app to help the student keep up with classes and work. The app is $2.99 and organizes your schedule with a nicely designed planner. When adding classes you can also add other information like instructors name and contact information. In the calendar view it is easy to see what needs to be done and what has been completed. This app even allows you to keep track of your grade and included weighted and non-weighted assignments. This app also uses push notifications to help keep you alert and also backs up the data and emails it to you, just in case something happens to your device.

iStudiez Pro - iStudiez Team


Research anything for any assignment with Wiki² – Wikipedia Reader for iPad. Wikipedia has long been where we go online to look up information. For $.99 you can search Wikipedia in a user-friendly app. Articles that are looked up are stored offline on your iPad.

Wiki² - Wikipedia Reader for iPad - BananaGlue GmbH


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    Hi Jessica. It’s a very nice tips. Thanks for sharing info about these nice apps, even though I’m not going back to school anymore. Yeah, I’ve graduated. LOL!

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    I love this homework keeper and the wiki2… I believe that they are really helpful for the students. Thank you for sharing these suggestions.