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apps for momsFinding apps in the Apple app store, with over 500,000 apps can sometimes become overwhelming unless you know exactly what you are looking for. As moms, we don’t always have the time to research through the many apps. If you recently got an iPod or iPhone, the task of finding apps may be too daunting to even begin the search and you may be missing out on apps that could make your daily tasks and life easier.

Apps for Moms was created by to help the busiest person in the household find and discover useful apps. The Apps for Moms app makes suggestions for other apps that are functional and useful.

[quote]Developed with a mom’s busy lifestyle in mind, Apps for Moms saves you time by showcasing the most essential utilities, educational, style, fun and educational apps, because even the best multi-tasking moms need a few new tricks in their belt. We’re including more apps and categories daily.[/quote]

The Apps for Moms app suggest featured apps on the home screen after downloading the app. On the categories screen you can search for recommended apps depending on the category they would fall under. Categories include style and beauty, productivity, utilities and more. There are also spotlighted apps. If you know of apps that you would like to suggest to other Apps for Moms users, you can do this under the discover tab.

Apps for Moms gives you an easy one stop location to find the apps most likely wanted or needed my moms. You can download the Apps for Moms app from the Apple app store for FREE.

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