Amazon Electronic Buy Back Program

Did you know Amazon has a buy back program that includes electronics?

Now you can trade in your electronics like digital cameras, MP3 players, calculators and even cell phones.

All you do is make sure the product meets their product eligibility criteria, print a shipping label and packing slip, box up your item then send them for FREE. After Amazon receives your item they will deposit a gift card to your account. Then you can purchase new items.

I looked into possibly trading my iPhone 3GS in to see how much I could get. I could possibly get about $160 for my iPhone that is about 2 years old. If I were to choose to trade in my phone I would snag me a new iPhone 4 with the Amazon gift card I would receive. Not a bad deal in my opinion.

I suggest to go around your house and find all the electronics that you don’t use anymore and see what you could get.

The program is still in BETA but I hope it stays around for a long time.

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  1. Stesha says

    Do you know if you have to have the chargers for these items. I have an old iPhone 3G and a Canon camera with no charger.. The view finder is broken on the camera also. Either way it’s a great program.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  2. says

    Hi Jessica,

    I had no idea about the program, and I shop Amazon all the time. Thanks for sharing that little tidbit. I think I now need to go take a walk around the house….