Aio Wireless Store Social- Houston, TX

On Saturday I hosted a store social with Aio Wireless in Houston Tx talking about protecting our kids in this advancing age of technology. The weather was nasty and cold. But we still had people from the community and bloggers that came out to get together. I had a blast hanging out with other local bloggers and meeting the advocates for Aio Wireless. At the event we talked about ways to regulate and monitor our tweens and teens mobile device usage with phone settings and apps. The same conversations have been held in Miami (October) and Atlanta (November).  Some may disagree with me but it is just not practical to have a teenager that does not have a cell phone. On top of that most phones that are available can get kids in trouble before they even know it. It is our duty as parents to monitor our kids while they are using mobile devices and guide when we feel that they have entered into forbidden mobile territory. We even talked about creative punishments when simply taking the phone away is more of a punishment to the parent than it is to the kid.Check out some of the pictures from our social get together.

 Aio Wireless Houston Tx

At the event we held a raffle for a ZTE Velox tablet and Mocha Dad won.

Aio Wireless Houston Tx

We even had a few younger kiddies join us. They were absolutely adorable. Can you imagine what mobile phones and services will be like when they are old enough to get their first phone


I wanted to thank the Houston bloggers that tolerated the nasty weather and came out anyways.

Keshia- Delabelle’s Beauty Blog
Fred- Mocha Dad
Lisa- Between the Kids
Kristie- Mom Confessions
Aggie- Loca Loba
Alba- Independent Mami
Maria- Mom and Child

Aio Wireless Houston Tx

*I was compensated for my participation in this event.

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