Aio Wireless: A Different Kind Of Prepaid

aio-wirelessLast night I attended a media event held by Aio Wireless in Houston at Ibiza next Door. Being that I just returned to the online scene,  I was excited and eager to see what this new company was all about.  I checked around online and I found that Aio Wireless is a new prepaid company, the child of AT&T. The service is on the AT&T network, but Aio Wireless strives to keep its self separate from its parent company. It wants its own identity.

I was taken back by how Aio Wireless is approaching prepaid wireless service. The company prides itself on making wireless service easy to understand for subscribers. Aio Wireless plans to achieve this by offering a smaller selection of phones and devices, simple plans and no contracts. Currently Aio has a retail presence in 3 states, but their customer base comes from 49 states. And all retail stores are independently owned by authorized agents, not by the company.

Aio Wireless does not only provide prepaid wireless service, but is also concerned with what is happening in the community. What issues are plaguing our streets. I remember priceless information from an HR professional that I once worked with. She told me that the best marketing plan was to be active in the community. Get your hands dirty, be concerned with your customers neighborhoods and get involved in local charity. That is exactly what Aio wireless is doing. The customer base will trust a company that is active in the community before a company that just wants their money. I absolutely love this concept and the way Aio is approaching this and doing business.


Aio Wireless has already participated in the community in several different ways. Currently Aio Wireless is holding a tweet-a-thon that benefits Minnie’s Food Pantry in the Dallas/ Ft Worth area. Each time a tweet uses the hashtag #HelloAio between September 16-30 2013 on Twitter Aio will donate $1 to Minnie’s Food Pantry, up to a maximum of $10,000, with a minimum of $5,000. So make sure all of your tweets include the hashtag #HelloAio.

**Aio Wireless invited me to the media event and covered all costs, upon departing the event I received a box of products from Aio Wireless that included a sweatshirt, speaker box and headphones. All opinions in this post are my own.

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    I think I’ve seen a commercial for AIO but I’m not sure if there’s coverage in my area yet. I love that AT&T has created a new line for those who don’t want contracts – really regretting just upgrading my phone last month and signing on for another two years! :(

    • says

      Aio is available everywhere AT&T service is available however they only have storefronts in 3 markets. You can still order their service via their website.

  2. Ashley Baxter says

    Thanks so much for joining us Jessica and it was great meeting you! We’ve donated over 37,200 meals to Minnie’s but there’s still room for more. Looking forward to your ideas on how we can make a difference in Houston!

  3. says

    Wow, what an interesting concept. I had no idea this type of service was available, but I may need to look in to it as my kids data needs grow. Thank you for sharing.