Accell GreenGenius Smart Surge Protector Review

Purchasing items that allow our homes to conserve energy that helps lower electric bills and minimize electricity consumption is a must these days.

I had the chance to review the Accell GreenGenius Smart Surge Protector. If you are unfamiliar with what a smart surge protector is, I will explain it. Owning surge protectors with electronics is essential. It allows multiple devices to plugged in to it at one time and protects each connected device from power surges. If the surge is extra high, such as from a lightning strike, a fuse in the surge protector will blow and the current will prevented from reaching any of the devices plugged into the surge protector.

The difference between a surge protector and a smart surge protector is the ability to become idle or in standby mode, or even turned off.

When the Accell GreenGenius Smart Surge Protector is used it automatically turns off the power to idle devices eliminating electricity usage and saving you money.

How it Works: Plug the control device such as a computer into the master outlet. Plug your printer monitor and any device used with the computer into the Switched Outlets. Always on devices such as a clock or a telephone plug into the Always On Outlets. A sensor constantly monitors the flow of electricity to the master outlet.

When the computer is turned off or goes into sleep mode the surge protector automatically shuts off the power to the Switched Outlets. When the computer is turned on or is wakened the surge protector automatically turns on the power to the Switched Outlets.

smart surge protectorI used the Accell GrenGenius Smart Surge Protector in my bedroom where we have a desktop computer using our 42 inch flatscreen TV as a monitor. We also have the printer speakers, game systems, and multiple other items in the same area. We plugged the TV into the Master Outlet and the computer, speakers, game system, and printer into the controlled outlets. This way when the TV is turned off these other devices are turned off also. None of these items need to be on unless the TV is on. We plugged the satellite box and stereo in to the always on outlets. These items are sometimes on when the TV is off.

The setup is fairly easy after you determine which electronics need to be controlled and which ones do not need to be controlled. But after the initial setup, I am completely happy with how the Accell GreenGenius Smart Surge Protector operates. I know I am saving energy by cutting even standby power to my other items when the TV is off. Of course this is a small area of my home and I have not yet received an electric bill yet to see the difference. However, if I were to add additional smart surge protectors to each room of my home, I am sure I will see a decrease in my electricity bill every month. Every little bit helps in energy conservation. The Accell GreenGenius helps me take another step closer to a lower electric bill and less energy consumption.

*I was provided with an Accell GreenGenius Smart Surge Protector to review and write this post. All opinions are mine.

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