A Whole New Look

monday morningI am starting this week off fresh, with a whole new look. I decided to give my site a facelift yesterday. That Tech Chick has had the same design for over a year now. I have a lot of personal stuff going on in my life and needed a pick me up. One great way to do that is to freshen up my space online. I think this new design is a bit cleaner.

I still have a few tweeks to tend to but for the most part it is done. Let me know what you think of the new Tech Chick!!

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Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog post. It means the world to me. I hope you will join in the conversation and leave a comment below.


  1. says

    Looks really good, Jessica! But I confess.. I don’t remember the old look ’cause I haven’t stopped by in months.. but anyway, it’s very nice!

  2. says

    The new look is great!!! The font on my page is a very faint gray, so it’s a little tough to read. No one else mentioned it, so perhaps it’s my browser/computer.

    • Jessica Benton says

      I would love to move my furniture, however my TV is mounted to the largest wall, So my furniture is stuck. Usually I just design other peoples sites so I wont keep messing with my own. But mine needed it so badly.

  3. BevE says

    Love the way you organized everything and the easy to find buttons for following (by way of facebook, email etc.) Also the fun feature of knowing how many users are online with me enjoying Tech Girl. Great job, Jessica!

  4. says

    I think it’s a great fit! It’s nice and clean, yet sleek and stylish with a touch of ‘girl’ to it :) Great job and can’t wait to see what ‘tweaks’ you have up your sleeve Jessica!

  5. says

    I love the site redesign. It much brighter and the Tech Chick on top is very cute. A little sassy like you :)

    I keep thinking it’s time for my site to get an updated look also. Then I think about all the work that goes into it and decided the current look isn’t that bad for e bit more :)